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Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Google has prevalently known American Multinational information technological Company with Web-related products and services. These include advertising technologies, cloud computing, and web search engine to name a few.

Founded in 1998, it has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and 78 offices across 50 countries. Around 150000 employees across the world are involved in the operations of this multinational giant.

Google holds a monopoly in the mobile search engine market across India according to Statista.com with a market share of 99.68% in July 2021. 

With millions of active monthly users in India, one may assuredly assume that there is at least one Google Office in India. In fact, Google has offices in four cities of India -Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgoan. 

Google began its operations in India as early as 2004 with just 5 employees. Now they are 5000+ and counting. Yes, the largest operations for Google outside the United States are in India.

Together the four offices manage the Google search engine google.co.in and perform other functions that include

  • Marketing
  • Sales operations
  • Business strategy
  • Software development
  • Product Management
  • Customer support
  • Product upgrades
  • Product support

Lets us look at each Google Office in India individually…

Google Signature Towers – Gurgaon

691, Delhi – Jaipur Expy, Silokhera,
Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15,
Haryana 122001, 
Phone: +91-12-44512900

The Gurgaon office is spread on 1,60,000 sq feet across 8 floors in Signature towers. Several cubicles are occupied by youngsters with their heads always down at work on their laptops. 

Just another technological company, but the amount of work done here is enormous!

In this Google Office in the India, there are about 750 million global advertisements processed before being uploaded to the World Wide Web!

This office set up in 2005, has grown from strength to strength. It processes 750 advertisements in 40 languages per month.  It now runs even the advertisements for US presidential elections.

The reasons why Google set up for set up in India are low costs and immense local talent that attracts all multinationals to India. And Indian youth have grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Those employed here are a generation just coming out of college and with a flair for analytics and online content. Of course, technological tools keep manual interference at the minimum hence employee count is lesser than in other places.

Some of the activities happening on a regular basis in this branch are…

  • Customer email query responds
  • Providing insights into campaign performance
  • Advising employers in US and UK best options for online advertising campaigns. The staff perform these operations with some advanced technology based tools provided by Google
  • Blocking out malware and spammy websites with inappropriate content using technology and some manual skills

Advertising is a competitive sphere and this office is facing competition from other advertising websites like Facebook.

Google, Mumbai

3 North Avenue
Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra East
Maharashtra 400051
Phone: +91-22-6611-7150

Google, Mumbai is located in a 1 lakh sqft office in First International Financial center tower in Bandra- Kurla The office is spread over 2 floors.

They are expanding and looking for people to join them for business strategy, marketing and communication, Engineering & Technology and Sales, service, and support

The YouTube Space office is also located nearby.

The first Google Cloud platform in the region (Asia South 1) was set up from this office. The services offered are big data, computing, developer tools, identity and security, storage, security, Healthcare & Life sciences, API Management, Media and gaming, Big data and machine learning, and networking. 

Some popular products offered in Mumbai include Compute Engine 5.6, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine 5.6, Cloud run, Goggle cloud VMware Engine, API Gateway, and cloud logging. The biggest advantage of a cloud platform in the country is that the customers here can pay in Indian rupees.

Google, Hyderabad

Survey No. 13,
DivyaSree Omega
Kondapur Village
Telangana 500084
Phone: +91-40-6619-3000

This is the headquarters of Google in India. This is the biggest campus in India spread across a 2 million square feet area. It is grander than most Google offices across the world. 

Swanky office akin to a 5-star hotel, its lounge is elaborate with the lobby for guests and a big LCD displaying Google searches on walls all around. The sleek steel slide from the first floor adds to the look of the office.

The ground floor has a café called ‘café D ‘art’ with a live food counter and juice. Chefs prepare food from all 28 states in India and some multinational cuisine. Pasta, tea, Nutella, and Maggi are available to young Google employees who come for a break and refreshment. The place also has recreation activities to keep the employee’s morale up at all times.

Gym, yoga, and massage inside the campus indoor cricket pitch add to the entertainment. Festivals are celebrated together over football, ping pong, and more.

The popular search company is focusing on 3 key projects Google Fibre broadband services, street view, and Google education. 

Google, Bangalore

No. 3, RMZ Infinity – Tower E
Old Madras Road
4th and 5th Floors
Bangalore, 560 016, 
Phone: +91-80-67218000

Google Bangalore Office

Every Google Office in India has stunning interiors and amazing amenities for the hardworking staff. The Bangalore division of this Tech giant is not different.

It also has eye-catching interiors on walls and good cafeteria facilities. Art on each floor differs adding to the splendor. 

Hiring for more staff is in process here at present.

A Google research lab has been established in the Bangalore office that will focus on Artificial Intelligence. This has been built to address big problems in the world today. This lab will work within 3 dimensions – Scientific Impact, societal impact, and product impact. 

While the projects themselves are interesting prospects to employees, their loyalty towards the company stems from the unusual perks they receive working in a Google office.

  • At Google you can use any laptop or operating system that you choose to work with. You can also select the accessories you like.
  • Food is in plenty and it is free. There are all types of cuisines available, fruits in plenty.
  • Google management wants its people to be healthy. So, one can find Gym, zumba meditation other clubs to support employees. Health insurance is also given.
  • Creativity is preferred over other issues. Googlers can work at any place they want – at their desks, in the lounge or any other place in the campus.
  • Financial support is given at all times. 
  • A relaxed atmosphere is always prevalent to bring out the creative ideas to the fore.
  • The 20% time policy lets Googlers work on their pet projects that have yielded great results.

The international search engine giant has bigger plans for India. A new Google Office in India is expected to be opened by Google Cloud in Pune according to BL Mumbai Bureau. It has been hiring lots of engineers to build on its existing cloud technologies in the second half of 2022 when the new location is set to open.

Plans are also on for digitizing the Indian economy through the Google for India Digitization fund estimated at 75,000 crores in the coming 5–7 years.