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Web Design Company Florida

Have a low budget for website design? We can help.

We support startups and we have very affordable pricing for you. We design modern and responsive website for just $500.

Web Design Company Florida

Web Design Company Florida | Professional Website Design

We have 14+ years of experience in WordPress, right from initial release version. We give you full customer support.

Premium Theme Free

We will install WordPress website for you on the hosting server. Also, We will give you premium DIVI theme free. Theme installation will be also done from us. We will send you custom mockup design and once approved we will developed the website.

Basic SEO

We will Setup SEO Yoast plugin and do the advanced configuration for you.

Security Plugins

We will install and configure security plugins.

SEO Consulting

We will rank your business website by SEO


We will show how to do keyword research and promote your blog.

Social Media Marketing

We will tell you secret tools for social media marketing.

How Blog Works

After you have set up your blog, with some planned effort and legwork, you can build up a loyal audience and make some sizable income from part-time blogging. We’ve seen quite a few walk down this road and once we help you conquer the hiccups associated with a novice’s attempt at setting up a blog from scratch, you too can start earning from your blog.

Yet, the biggest roadblock is not knowing how to build a website or blog. When you are clueless about this basic thing, starting a blog – leave aside the dream of earning from it, is so daunting for many that most quit even before they have started the journey.

Learning how to start an online business takes time, effort and patience. But it doesn’t need to be an uphill task that instills a huge fear in you, which becomes so big soon that you even dare not take that very first step. So, is there a simple solution? We bet there is!

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

Why to Hire a Professional Web Design Company Florida

Instead of wasting your time, effort (and sometimes even money), only to get frustrated and reach a point of no return, it’s wise to let the pros set up your blog and help you get started.

I am excited to bring good news for all those planning or struggling to set up their blogs. With our Blog Setup Services, we bring you a win-win solution that will let you blog to your heart’s content and share your thoughts and opinions with the world without any hassle.

Want to start the journey? Join hands with us and let us set up your blog.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Here’s a look at our Blog Setup Services. We take the pain out of setting your website/blog for you!

With our Blog Setup Services, you will get a customized WordPress website together with a premium theme that we will install and optimize for you. In addition, we will give your new blog plugins that are a must-have for modern day blogs aiming to make it big.

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Conversion

With our Web Design Company Florida, here’s what you set to benefit from:


We will walk you through the process of registering your domain name. This domain name, which is also called a URL (something like itsmywebsite.com), would be your blog’s address on the Internet that will guide people to land on your blog.


Setting up your web hosting account will be easy and hassle-free with our assistance at every step of the process. Web hosting can be called the space on Internet that you rent for making your website go live. So, in a way, this is your website’s home on the Internet


With your pick from our professionally pre-designed premium themes (that cost $90), you get to give your blog a look just like you have envisioned, minus the steep cost since the package covers it for you.


On the World Wide Web, the most popular and most used blogging software is WordPress. Our package includes installation of this software’s latest version with your web host.


We will not only install your chosen premium theme, but even set it up to make your blog look appealing. In addition, we will configure it for optimum performance that you can use readily.

To put it all precisely, with our Blog Setup Service Package, you will get a unique domain name and a fitting hosting plan to make your blog go live on the Internet. With a look and feel that’s extremely professional, your blog would just need you to login into your account to start populating it with fresh content that would grab eyeballs and trigger interest in your blog visitors.

It takes just 3 days – from taking your idea to converting it into a fully functional website.

Setting up your blog/website is a lot like stepping into a new home.

You just can’t start decorating your home unless you have a piece of land and a solid structure built on it that has a specific address. A blog/website is quite similar. Unless you have registered a domain name, bought a hosting plan, used custom themes and installed some plug-ins to set up your blog/website, you just can’t go ahead with publishing your posts.

If all these sound like a daunting task, take heart for we are here to help you at every step of the way. By handling the initial technical installation and taking care of all the setup steps integral to starting a blog, we do everything that’s required to let you enjoy your new blog where you can start sharing your ideas, opinions and anything else that’s close to your heart.

For those afraid of all the technical aspects of setting up a blog, our WordPress Blog Setup Services are nothing short of a boon. But even if you don’t belong to this league, are aware of the fundamentals of WordPress and can build a website, hiring our Blog Setup Services would save you precious hours, time and money, which you can invest in thinking and implementing ideas better to bring eyeballs and visitors to your blog. So, save yourself frustration and tech rage and let us do what we know best – set up your blog.

Check some of our clients website designed by us for the customers from Florida.

Save money as our Web Design Company Florida Services are cheaper than your DIY-effort

Yes, that’s TRUE!

Our Blog Setup Service would cost you less than handling the task on your own.

The entire package cost a mere $500.

So, chuck all your tech worries and let us do it for you in a seamless manner.

If you are still undecided, consider this:

The premium theme you get with our package costs over $100 on its own. So, with our package, you are not just saving your precious dollars but even quite a few days (if not weeks) that you could invest in planning your blog better and implementing those plans.

We strongly believe you should spend your precious hours planning your blog’s content rather than struggling with the technical aspects of setting up a blog, or feeling stressed while trying to figure out codes and other designing basics to ensure your blog aesthetics are up to the mark.

With our affordable prices, we have ensured you don’t think twice before hiring us, which would get you (and many others like you) past that first technical and financial hurdle where many wishes of potential blog owners die a quick death. We sincerely want you to get started with a profitable online business and our affordable prices indicate the same.

Web Design Company Florida – the Step-by-Step guide

To purchase our package, you just need to click the purchase button. This will take you to the check out page where you would need to submit your payment information. Once we receive your payment, you will reach a confirmation page where you will see a step-by-step guide that would help you submit every piece of information required by us for setting up your blog.

Here’s how you will navigate the steps:

Step 1: Domain Name

Follow the prompts in the video to set up your domain name (which is your blog’s web address which people will need to find it)

Step 2: Web Hosting

Follow the step-by-step process shown in the video to set up your web hosting (which is the rent paid by you to give your blog an online space for its existence)

Step 3: Premium Theme

You just need to browse our theme studio to pick a premium theme that suits your blog (and would give it an attractive look)

Step 4: Submit Information

You need to submit the requested information into the corresponding fields because we need them to begin work on creating your site

Once your website is built, we will send you the login details, with which you can immediately start writing content, uploading images and do much more at your WordPress site. With your blog being live, people will locate it easily and visit to see what you have on it. Sounds great, right?

I bet you can’t wait any more to see your own blog. So, what’s stopping you? Claim it now. Your blog will be live and people will be able to find it at your domain name address instantly.

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