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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Today I’m going to list few website to create watermark photos online. So why the hell you need to add watermark to your photos or images?

It is very simple to answer your question, if you check website such as shutterstock, pixabay or getty images they protect their images by adding a simple watermark so that visitors don’t use your images directly without consent or without buying the images.

One of my good friend who is professional photographer had a copyrights issue with one of the photo which was printed by a local magazine in the city news edition. He was shocked when he saw his photo in the magazine because no formal permission was taken by him.

He contacted the magazine owner to discuss the matter, the owner said that he got this image from a different photographer. But my friend was confident that it was his picture.

After some days he recall that he have sent few images to his friends without any watermark on the photos and one his friend have sold his photo.

Also my friend have his website and he publish his all photos on website without watermark. So chances was higher that his images were used by many people.

He landed at my place and ask me for the solution. So I said you can add watermark for photos including your name and email id, so in case anyone has to buy that image will reach you on the email id. He was happy with the solutions and I recommended him few websites to for watermarking images.

What are watermark photos?

Watermark is a simple transparent text or a logo which on the image. You can either add your company name, person name, domain url or anything else you want to notice the users for not using your images without your permission.

How to Add Watermark Photos Online

Below are some websites to add watermark on your photos. You don’t need to be professional graphic designer to add a simple watermark. Just navigate to website url and upload your image and add watermark on the photo.


To add watermark using this website is very simple. Once you open this website in the browser, click enter and upload image where you want watermark on pictures.

Click enter

how to watermark photos Click to add photo

watermark photos online

Select from computer and once image is uploaded hit the edit button on the image.

watermarking photos

Now once you click on edit button. You will see your images with the tools such as text, logo, template, crop, rotate etc at the bottom.

I would prefer white transparent text for watermark which looks more professional. Now after editing click on finish button and download your image.

watermark pictures








To protect your images used by other you should always watermark photos. If you want to learn how to remove watermark from photos you can read the post here. Please do comment and share this article because we love sharing.