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Last Updated on December 20, 2019 by Learn Digital Marketing

At the start of the year, the only topic that was making headlines among content marketers was which content marketing strategies would dominate 2019. Well, the internet has “spoken” and once again, visual content marketing sits at the top! Just look at these stats:

  • People remember visual content 10X better than the info they have read or heard somewhere.
  • A website with visual content has a 60% higher click-through rate over one which doesn’t.
  • Social media posts with visuals attract 98% more engagement than those without visuals. So, it is great that our content contains visuals and we include them in the most unique way.
  • Facebook content with visuals has 50% more Reach. Thus, including a Facebook strategy is important.
  • By the year 2030, almost 80% of the internet’s traffic will be driven by videos alone. This is according to recent studies from CISCO Visual Content Index and this sounds great.

The best thing with visual content strategies is that you have so many choices. What you decide to go with basically depends on the nature of your visual marketing and SEO campaign. And it doesn’t have to be that complicated because you can now design visual content with tools.

Want to make your SEO ranking skyrocket? These visual content strategies will guarantee you results in no time:

1. Images

According to a recent survey, 98% of bloggers in 2019 are using at least one image in their articles, while nearly 49% of them are using two to three. That means bloggers have already discovered the importance of images on internet posts.

visual content strategies

If you want a higher SEO ranking for your web content, images are inescapable. Whether they are stock images or photos taken with your camera, you must use the images wisely, and one way to do that is by bumping up their quality with visual design tools.

Special note: Make sure the size of the image you use is optimized for the site. While some websites will flag unsuitable images, others won’t. To be on the safe side, make sure you use standard size images as larger image sizes slow down website loading speeds. Most websites are also compatible with plug-ins that will monitor the effect of the chosen image on the loading speed.

2. Data-Driven Strategies such as Graphs

If you don’t want to settle with the rest of the crowd as ordinary, use data-driven visual content such as graphs and charts. This type of content makes it easier for your target audience to comprehend your campaign, eventually making you the industry-leader who knows it all.

According to QuickSprout, blog content with graphs and the like ranks in the top 5 of sharable content criteria. The same research also reveals that charts and graphs receive more trace-backs (260% more than blogs with other types of images).

Special note: Make sure your graphs and charts are easy to understand. Some of the ways to ensure this is by using color shades that are not so close to looking alike and by writing guiding texts directly on your graphs or charts.

3. Infographics

An infographic is basically a piece of content made more aesthetically pleasing using visual content design tools.

Relevant and user-friendly infographics are so effective when it comes to increasing the awareness of your brand. This is mostly because of their versatility because besides using them for your website, you can crop parts of them and share them directly on social media.

Special note: You do not want to say a lot when it comes to infographics. In just a few lines, clearly state the intended information, making sure to include the relevant SEO keywords. After you have completely mastered infographics, it is time to add movement to your infographics with Gifographics or simply just GIFs. The latter is a much superior strategy when you want to boost your audience’s interest in your content, as well as entice them to share your content, ultimately increasing your SEO Ranking to unthinkable levels.

An example of an easy yet attractive infographic is:

4. Memes

According to a recent study, campaigns that fancy a little sense of humor every now and then are better at retaining their audiences. No matter how technical your industry is, the content doesn’t have to be so boring all the time. You can put up a meme from time to time to add a light touch to your campaign.

Special note: Memes work best on social media platforms.

5. Videos

Videos are quite handy when you want to present the problems your campaign intends to solve. A video also demonstrates that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the highest levels of brand quality.

There are so many types of videos to consider including how-to-to videos, product reviews & unboxing videos, animated videos, and customer testimonials.

Special note: Quality precedes quantity when it comes to videos. Expand the video’s role in your campaign by creating creative videos based on the type of content your audience loves to consume. Videos are the king of visual content marketing so make sure you create a top-notch video, as it might become the primary representation of your brand in this digital era.

And there you have it, 5 of our best visual content tips. If you are able to use them to create visual content that truly resonates with your community, your brand’s reputation is set to skyrocket to unthinkable heights.

However, if your visual content is poorly designed, it will end up doing more harm than good. The best way to go about it is to put the needs of your audience first, ensuring you design high-quality visual content each time.