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At last, you brought the all-purpose multiple-feature smartphone for yourself! Now you want to check out your swanky phone and admire its features…

  • Fast processor – checked
  • Camera – Amazing features
  • Internet access – Faster than expected
  • Storage space – Plenty
  • Sound – Oh! Problematic! – not loud enough and quality is bad

What is the solution to this problem?

Simple! Get yourself a Volume Booster for Android!

Need for Volume Booster for Android?

Even if your phone has millions of features and functions, you may not get the audio quality you require. The default volume for alarm, notification, media or music may be low then what you require.

A good Volume booster will help you solve this problem by amplifying all the audio file volumes of your phone without causing distortions.

Here are some top class that you could choose from for your phone…The link to download the Volume Booster is also mentioned.

  1. Super Loud Volume Booster Speaker Booster

There are many apps to boost Volume Booster for Android but this one is among the best. Some features of this app

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Subwoofer Bass and Bass booster
  • Super Loud Volume Booster
  • Easy and quick installation for headphones
  • Very good sound quality
  • Increase volume on any android without the help of root volume booster
  • Volume amplifier for alarm, loudspeaker, headphone, system


  1. Super Loud Volume Booster, Speaker Booster 2019

Hear your favorite music, see your favorite movie or online show at the volume you are comfortable even if the volume of your phone is not up to the mark. Just use this app for this job.

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Outputs higher volume by interacting with the music you are listening, online video you are watching or the movie you are seeing.
  • Bass Booster without sound distortion
  • Supports all mobiles
  • Control is easy from the system tray
  • The customized volume increase is possible for any application on your phone
  • External speakers not required


  1. Super Loud Volume Booster, Speaker Booster

Experience Max volume with this super app on Google store and enjoy the following features…

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Good bass sound according to users
  • Easy to install
  • Amplify speaker volume
  • Controlling is easy from the system tray
  • Avoid external speaks while listening to your fav music.
  • Can amplify sound for all many of the apps in your phone


  1. Super High Volume Booster Loud Speaker Booster

Try this app if you want your output volume higher than what your Android has to offer.

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Can output volume higher than system defaults
  • Best for use during watching movies, online browsing, playing games
  • With one touch of a button change from loud to higher volume for sonar systems
  • 60% increase in loudness, volume possible with one touch
  • Sound increase possible for alarm, notifications, media, video and phone calls
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Both bass booster and subwoofer bass


  1. Best Volume and Sound Booster

This Volume Booster for Android, as the name suggests, provide the best volume that our ear loves to hear. To know why read below:

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Maximizes volume speed
  • Has the best volume booster for listening to music
  • Best volume booster for all sound streams
  • Easy installation on mobiles and other gadgets
  • Increase and decrease of sound volume possible
  • Interacts and adjusts with any sound stream and increase volume to the required effect


  1. Headphones Loud Volume Booster

Here is one high-quality app to boost sound in your headphones. It can

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Augment volume in both headphones as well as earphone
  • Boost volume of audio books
  • Increase the volume of your favorite music
  • Easy to download
  • Aesthetic design
  • No static even at the max volume
  • Bass booster
  • Compatible with all android phones


  1. Super max volume booster – (high volume booster)

This max volume booster comes with super max volume booster features like the following

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Amplify volume with one tap on your phone
  • Songlist feature with repeat shuffle
  • Loudness enhancer feature
  • Has 7 preset Effect having a super high volume
  • Volume adjusting possible
  • Bass booster, balance control, and Virtualizer
  • No root volume required
  • Strong high volume amplifier
  • Sound booster and music amplifier with 5 band equalizer


  1. Super High volume Booster (super loud speaker pro)

There are many free apps only for booting volume. Only a few are good for all androids. Here is one that can satisfy your needs for high volume

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • One tap app
  • Volume level adjust possible
  • All-in-one special app
  • Speaker head volume amplifier
  • Subwoofer bass booster
  • Equalizer bass booster and music player
  • Aesthetic design
  • 5 bands for editing sound
  • Possible to increase alarm and even media notifications


  1. Super high volume (loudspeaker booster)

This latest Volume Booster for Android has many good reviews. Why? Read on…

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Increase phone volume by 30 to 40%
  • Raise volume for your favorite and exclusive music
  • Volume amplifier with bass booster, expander and equalizer applications
  • Volume increase possible for media notifications, alarms, etc.
  • Also, Volume adjustment is possible


  1. Volume Booster & MP3 Player with Equalizer

You can boost the volume to maximum 100% of phone volume with this app. Other features include

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Customization volume
  • One tap operation to max volume
  • Alarm sound, notification media sound amplifier
  • Treble booster
  • Bass equalizer
  • Mp3 player with visualizer sound effect.
  • Supports most smartphones
  • Free app
  • Effect music feature


  1. Volume Booster App

This app on the Google store has some special features. Download now to avail…

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Volume amplification 30 – 40% depending on the phone/device you are using
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in Android equalizer
  • One tap for volume boosting
  • Ringtone
  • Bass Pro
  • 5 band planer


  1. Volume Booster Pro

Here is one Volume booster app that is easy to work with. It amplifies the volume of default settings in your phone by 10 – 20%. It also offers:

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Direct access to Android media player with one tap
  • Works with all phone
  • Sound amplifier for alarms, notifications and other music streams
  • Easy installation.


  1. Super Loud Volume Booster

A product of GSB Media, it has high ratings of 4.6 stars on Google store.

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

The salient features of this app are

  • Very loud volume booster
  • Can boost stream music volume
  • Can boost phone volume above the default settings
  • Bass boost effect
  • One-touch operation
  • Free
  • Adjustable,
  • Bass and equalizer booster
  • Notification volume can be boosted


  1. Volume Booster

Enhance your Smartphone listening experience with this special app. Its special features are

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Volume control
  • Provides highest volume possible
  • Free booster app
  • Works best with headphones


  1. Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster pro comes from the house of Media Tools Pro. This product is among the recommended products for volume booster for android because

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • It provides volume boost for Media players, ringer, alarm or combination of three
  • It gives the effect of HiFi system
  • User friendly
  • Rating of 4.3 stars
  • Easy download and installation


  1. Volume Booster

This free app has been developed by xyzTech. Some of its favorable volume boosting features are

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Volume booster provided along with inbuilt music feature
  • 30-40% amplifier over default settings
  • 9 presets effect along with volume boost option
  • Songlist with the repeat shuffle option
  • Works best with blue tooth headset and headphone


  1. Volume Booster from Lovekara tools

This app is free and gives boosts your smartphone volume without distortion. Check out for

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Easy controls of volume on your androids’ audio devices
  • Easy volume boosting possible for ringtone, notifications, alarm, voice calls, media as well as system
  • One touch button switch between vibration and silent modes.
  • Settings remembered when the phone is turned on
  • Setting adjustments when headphone is plugged in and out


  1. Volume Booster Pro

This free app on the Google store has been developed by Vintage Audio Tools for Music and Audio. Here is more information about this app…

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Can control this app from your android wear device
  • You can enable or disable Volume Boost from the active notification
  • User’s rating of 4.4 star
  • Volume boost for media player volume
  • Volume boost for ringer volume and Alarm volume
  • Initiate your music player from Volume booster pro


  1. Volume Booster Pro: Bass Boost and Music Equalizer

This is an offering from DifA Studio. When you install this app you will automatically avail these features

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Maximum volume boost
  • Maximum volume boost for media, notifications, audio visualization, headphone, bass boost, bass equalizer, music amplifier,
  • Both MP3 Player and visualizer
  • Effect music
  • Best musical experience because of the Effect music
  • Loud sound and lively tone


  1. High Loud Volume Booster max (Super Sound Booster)

Genius Team Inc. brings you this amazing volume booster for your Smartphone with the following features:

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Super high volume booster
  • One tap app
  • Sub-woofer volume booster
  • Volume booster for headphones
  • Volume level adjustment
  • Sound amplifier equalizer
  • 5 band edit sound
  • Super loud high volume amplifier


  1. MP3 Volume Booster Gain Loud

A powerful app, this Audiator booster is brought to you by Alpha Lab.

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • It is compatible with your device
  • Free version mp3
  • Pro versions for mp3, mp2, 2ma, ogg, aac, ra, ac3, ogg, wav, flag and aif
  • Has a background mode working to amplify all your music when you are sleeping
  • Can listen and share boosted loud music through emails or social media


  1. Volume Booster: Music Booster, Speaker Booster

This app is brought to you by F+ studio tools. It has many super Booster features for audio devices on your phone.

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • It is a free app
  • Boosts volume in speaker, music, and headphone
  • Compatible with 2018 speakerphone
  • Easy to operate
  • Improves your Phone sound output by up to 60%


  1. Speaker Booster Lite

Comes from the house of Click Media Team, this app has some amazing features for your Android volume boost needs

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Easy user interface for boosting
  • Free with no hidden costs
  • It can boost volume for Media devices, MP3 music, sound music, and your favorite audio music.
  • Adjust boost level
  • Start music directly from this app
  • Volume booster plus bass booster


  1. Volume Booster

If you are in need of a Volume booster because your phone volume is not enough we highly recommend this volume booster app from Every Studio. Here is why…

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Free app
  • Boost audio volume for prolonged periods
  • Best way to control all phone audio devices
  • 30 – 40% volume boost over default phone volume
  • Very easy to operate


  1. Volume Booster Pro

Finally, check out this Pro offered by Hundred Five Solutions. Download it now to avail these amazing features

Top 25 Volume Booster for Android

  • Clear and strong tone
  • Sound as good as a Hi-Fi system
  • Three levels of sound from notification field – off, normal and maximum
  • Perfect interface for volume boost for all audio apps on your phone
  • Easy downloading