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Last Updated on January 10, 2019 by Learn Digital Marketing

In my previous post, i had said i will quit as a blogger. But I never quite blogging at all. It was just a happy productive break. I was concentrating on my other ventures. During this 6 month break. I was more focus on creating a business in PowerPoint Presentations Design Business. We are currently working on our new modern design of website, we will be launching in coming 3-4 months.

I won’t say our business are doing wonders for us. But i can say at least we are getting great clients within just 4-5 months of work.

We have created a plan for the business. Our journey started from creating a model for our business. I would say keeping away from blogging was not a choice but a plan to invest time in something productive.

I have also launched two more travel blog which are getting great traffic and response now from the audience. Though it is different nice, but I’m enjoying my entrance in travel blogging as well.

I was never tempted with the money earned by other professional bloggers. I just wanted to do something which will bring me satisfaction.

I will be updating lot of stuff here at Italkcool. But this time my articles will be more of inspirations to newbie bloggers.

It is always good to take a break from blogging rather than quitting from blogging permanently. So what are your planning please drop your comments.