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Last Updated on October 17, 2019 by Learn Digital Marketing

A very common question is being asked by many business owners from Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and across the India.

Why my website is not receiving more traffic? Why I’m not getting any leads from my website? Why No one call me on my business phone numbers? Why no one fill the contact forms for the services or products?

The answer is simple. You have not optimized your website for search engines.

Business Owner from Pune are not aware about Search Engine Optimization

SEO Freelancer Experts Pune

SEO is very new term to people who have their startup and established business in Pune. But they either don’t know about it or they are not interested.

When I did a short direct survey with few business owners from Pune. Asking if they are interested in ranking their business website in search engines. 90% of them have refuse to it. Many business owner from Pune just were not interested in SEO services.

Sometimes I could get answer such as “We have design our website and mentioned website URL on the visiting card”. It sounds funny but do we design website for just adding the URL on visiting card?

How SEO Freelancer Experts Pune help such business owners from Pune?

Case Study: A Chartered Accountant from Pune

SEO Freelancer Experts Pune

We started business owners giving a live demo on how business can be increased by optimizing website for search engines.

We already have case studies where we prove them on how some startup business revenue were increased after search engine optimization.

We gave an example of a chartered accountant from Pune. This guy used to get most of his clients from references and he was happy in what he was earning from them.

He came to us to build his business website. Once website was developed by our experts. We offered him our SEO freelancer services for very cheap rates. Though it was loss to us, but we had to start something to prove.

We started optimizing his website, we work on on-page optimization, off-page optimization and then build some high PR8 backlinks for him. We research on deep long tail keywords which can help the website to generate more leads.

3 months of working, the traffic started gradually increasing. We also setup a business blog for him. Where he started posting about some education topic related business, tax and other niche based topic.

After 6 months, finally he started getting calls and emails from small business firms looking for chartered account to handle their business accounts.

At one time, he was so full of the request, he had higher few junior and senior chartered accountant. From that day till now, his business is growing and there is no looking back.

Case Study: A Dentist from Pune

SEO Freelancer Experts Pune

This is another example for a dentist clinic from Pune. This client had hired a SEO consultant from us. Our first step was to understand his core business. Dentist clinic had lot of competitors in Pune. It was a big challenge for our SEO freelancer to rank his website on first page of google.

We had to perform local SEO strategy. So, we mostly rely on creating social triggers to create buzz of his dental clinic. We submitted his business website on many business portal from Pune. Such as Yelp, Sulekha, Just Dial etc.

After that we started performing research on competitors and their position on search engines. We found many unused keywords which can bring him lot of leads from the website.

5 months of SEO, SEM and some paid AdWords campaign started bringing customers on his website and then to his physical dentist clinic.

Dentist was very happy with efforts we put on ranking his business website in Pune. After that he opened his clinic branch in Mumbai. We again work with different strategies to rank his website.

What you can expect from SEO Freelancer Expert from Pune?

We are a company which is backed by SEO professionals from Pune. We are not just a company who works on multiple projects on same time.

We believe in working with one company with one SEO freelancer at one time. So, we select SEO freelancer from Pune who had tied up with us and who works exclusively work with us.

We assign one website to one SEO freelancer. We have team managers who look on and analyze the progress for the website.

Content writer, Off page expert, on page expert and link building specialist are working on same time on your business website.

So, maximum efforts are put to rank your business website in Pune.

How much time is required for ranking the keywords on google?

It depends on where you want to target your business. If you want to do local SEO, ranking website in PAN India or ranking website globally.

But the minimum time for any website to rank is around 6-12 months. We follow White hat SEO techniques and our SEO will bring organic traffic. Our SEO freelancer expert from Pune are certified Digital Marketing Experts. So, your business website is in hand of professionals.

Our SEO Services Pricing

If you run through many other SEO services providers from Pune. They charge very heavily for SEO services. However, we are not a CHEAP SEO Services Provider. But we are very much reasonable in our pricing. We have two different SEO packages for offering to business owners.

We will first analyze how much keywords are required to optimize on your website. We send the quote accordingly to the requirement. We won’t just throw a standard plan on you. Pricing sometimes can be on higher or lower side.

Our main goals are always based on the results. We want our client from Pune to be happy working with us.

Whom We provide SEO Services?

We don’t limit our self with any business. We are open to provide our services for any industries, apart from adult websites. We have rank websites in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Punjab, Gujrat and the rest of the part of India. We can also rank your business website in India or globally.

We do have clients from USA, Australia, UK and Singapore. So if you are looking for SEO services. HIRE US NOW >>