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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Quick tips Gravity Forms Salesforce Website Integration

WordPress is super flexible CMS which have loads of plugin to resolve your issues. Today I will share quick tips about wordpress & salesforce website integration with gravity forms. So no coding experience required at all. Just follow the 10 easy step for gravity forms salesforce website integration.

What is salesforce?

Before we jump on the topic. Let us understand some basic about Salesforce. Salesforce is CRM services to organization. It stores all sales generated in the form of online database. Most of the organization use to store their lead data in salesforce cloud computing which is subscription based. A normal salesforce records have information such as Name, phone, email, address etc.

wordpress gravity forms salesforce integration

What is gravity forms?

Gravity form is powerful plugin to use with wordpress. You can simply drag and drop the fields to create contact us or lead forms.

So let us begun the topic on integration of salesforce with gravity form. First you have to install gravity form plugin. You can purchase the gravity form here: http://www.gravityforms.com/

Now create a simple gravity form. On left dashboard panel click on the form and hit the button ADD NEW. Drag and drop the fields you required on your form, update and save the form.

Once your form is ready, now install plugin Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-On from the plugin section and activate. Now navigate to forms from the left wordpress panel. Click on the settings and you will have Salesforce Add-on Settings click on it and enable integration method web-to-lead. Please refer the screenshot.

gravity forms salesforce integration

So once you have done with clicking the integration method. You have to now click on salesforce: web-to-lead tab at below. You will now ask for your salesforce organization id. To get your salesforce organization id. Login to your salesforce account and click Administration Setup > Company Setup> Company Information.

salesforce organzation id

You can copy the salesforce organization id and paste in the gravity form web to lead organization field as per show in the screenshot. Update the settings once you enter the salesforce org. id.

web to lead form salesforce organization id

Now go back to form section and click on the edit. Navigate to form settings and click on the Salesforce: web to Lead. Click on add to enter the feed settings. Now you can map for fields for export to salesforce.

Left side fields are not editable, so you have to select relevant form field from the drop down menu for each gravity form fields. Once you are done with mapping all the required form field, update the settings by click on the button at the below of the page. For example email field select form field email. For better understanding check the below screenshot.

salesforce website integration

Now you can test your form by going to the page. Fill the form and submit. Now open your salesforce account and you will see the record. If you any query related to salesforce integration, leave your comments and I will happy to help you all.

Integrate WordPress & SalesForce CRM Without Using Gravity Forms

But some people found it very complicated. So today I will show how to have form which collect the data and directly send it to salesforce. Web to lead form is in built functionality developed by salesforce. So you don’t need to have any coding experience.

Before we start with the tutorial. You need to login to your salesforce account. I’m using new salesforce lightning UI. So don’t get confused with the screenshots as I have updated new UI for salesforce.

Please follow the easy steps below to guide yourself with the web to lead form.

Click on the settings icons and then click on SETUP HOME.

web to lead salesforce organization id

Now click on Apps > Marketing > Web-to-Lead

web to lead setup

Create Web-to-lead form. You can add and remove the fields from avaialbe fields list on the right side. In the return url you enter your website url. Now click on generate.

setup form web to lead

Now copy the code and insert it on any page of your website.


Let test this form. Enter all the fields and submit the form.

web to lead contact form

Now check your salesforce account and you will see the form submission data in the salesforce. Do comment below because sharing is caring.