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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Today I’m going to post a detail tutorial on how to remove watermark from a photo using Photoshop.

What is watermark?

Water mark is text or pattern on the image to prevent reuse of the image without actually buying the image. Most of the stock photos engines have their watermark on the images.

Let me clear one thing, if you are here to learn how to remove watermark from StockPhoto. We suggest you to directly buy the image for $5 without wasting your time. We do not encourage to steal any images from internet. This tutorial mostly focus on removing watermark and text from the background image.

Remove watermark using Photoshop

Photoshop is the best software in the world. 95% of people loves photoshop whether it is for image processing or image editing.

remove watermark from a photo

Original Image With A Watermark – For tutorial

So let us start using photoshop to remove watermark from a photo. You need to follow the below steps for the better results.

  1. Select Magic wand tool or quick selection tool. Select the watermark text using this tool. You can also increase or decrease tolerance level of the tool from the top menu.

remove watermark magic wand tool

  1. Once you create a selection around the watermark, make some changes to this selected area.

watermark removal

  1. Go to Edit > Fill and keep this option as per shown in the screenshot. Contents: Content-Aware, Color adaptation unchecked, blending mode normal and opacity 100%. Now click OK button.


  1. Yes that’s magic your watermark is gone completely. But yes if you zoom you will see some patch and lines. So for removing small patch, you need to use patch tool.

watermark removing photoshop

  1. Select clone stamp tool, by pressing alt pick nearby area to stamp it on patch area.clone stamp tool watermark removal
    6. Now check the final output of the image below.

final watermark removal

Remove a watermark without using Photoshop

Sometimes we are very hurry in completing our presentation and you have used image with watermark. So in this situation you can use this trick to find same image without watermark or you can find a relevant images.

Yes you heard it correct! You really don’t need to be photoshop expert to remove watermark from the image. Using google image search you can directly have image without watermark.

So we take one image for example. Save the image on your desktop. Now go to your browser and open https://images.google.com/

  • Once you open the google image page you find a camera icon in the search bar.
google image search watermark removal

Image Credit Source GOOGLE.com

  • Click on the icon, then you can search the image instead of text. Now you can upload the image which is with a watermark and hit the SEARCH BY IMAGE button.

upload image watermark removal

  • Check the image result and I have found the image without the watermark. It is not compulsory that you will find the same image.

watermark-removal google image search

If you don’t find the image. But yes google will always give you relevant images in the list. You can search for alternate image in google.


Conclusion: How to remove watermark

By following simple technique you can remove watermark from a photo. Do you like it, please leave your comments below. Also remember sharing is caring.