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Last Updated on June 1, 2021 by Learn Digital Marketing

Newly launched PowerPoint Live is a Presentation software package that is available for PowerPoint for the web. Its launch was eagerly awaited by both the business sector and the education sector.

powerpoint live
Image Credit: Microsoft

This software is apt for meetings and sessions in Conferences halls, Town halls, Schools, and Corporate boardrooms. 

Keeping the total audience engaged during a presentation has always been difficult. The following features of PowerPoint Live, however, can make your presentations live, inclusive, and engaging. The following features of this new software achieve it. Many presentation design agency has started using the

  • Every viewer or attendee can view your presentation on his or her own screen whether it is laptop, tablet or phone
  • Slides can be moved at the pace of the viewer 
  • The viewer can relook a previous slide if required
  • You can also get feedback for a slide from the audience in real-time. 
  • Expect the summary of audience response through email.
  • Most importantly, if there is a person who does not understand the language that you are using for presentation, he or she can enable subtitles in his preferred language to see it in live mode. There are about 60 language options to choose from in this software package.
  • The above feature can also help people with hearing disabilities.
  • The audience can also view spoken words in real-time
  • After the presentation, the audience receives a Feedback Microsoft Form to review the presenter. 
  • The audience can highlight a part of the presentation to give feedback. 
  • They can rate on various factors of the presentation such as Slide Design, Speaker skills, even the content itself
  • They can also suggest improvements by commenting on the “Areas to Improve your next presentation”

Presentations for Working from home professionals

Are you wondering how this software is relevant during Lockdown and temporary workers from a cultural situation?

powerpoint live

Here is how…

Consider that your team meets via Microsoft Teams and you have to give a presentation. 

After you are ready with the Presentation, you need to follow the following steps to connect with your virtual team.

Step 1: When starting the Presentation, go to Slide deck on PowerPoint and click the Slide Show tab.

Step 2: Select the audience – 

  1. People in your organization or
  2. Anyone 

The first one is default option. 

Step 3: Share your screen and click Present Live. Now you are ready to roll out your Presentation.

The team members can see a QR code that they should scan with their connecting devices like Mobile phones. Once they have joined, they can now select subtitles in the language they prefer.

During the presentation, you can see how many people have joined you. 

All the members can move back and forth between slides. In case they have missed a part, or need to hear you again regarding a slide, they can go back to it. 

The members can also react live, at any point in the presentation

After the presentation, you will receive the aggregated feedback via email.

Some requirements to use PowerPoint Live

  1. Any Internet user can view it
  2. The Presenter should necessarily have Microsoft 365 subscription to create the slide show.
  3. PowerPoint Live is supported by Microsoft Edge Version 80+, Mozilla Firefox Version 68+, Google Chrome Version 72+, Mozilla Firefox version 68+, Windows, Mac, and Opera version 60+ is not supported by GCC, GCC-HIGH, and DoD tenants

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