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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Today we are going to learn on creating infographics online using piktochart infographic template. But before we directly jump to the main topic, we need to understand the power of infographic.

What is an infographic?

Infographic is a visual representation of content. Using interactive images, icons and text create stunning graphics with less content information. According to a case study, by creating infographics it attracts more visitors than a content information.

For example, if you read the story about Mark Zuckerberg founder of facebook in the form of content it would be less appealing. But if you check this infographic about Mark Zuckerberg you will easily get all the information. Also, you won’t be bored because of great visual presentation of infographic.

I’m not a professional graphic designer.

So what if you are not a graphic designer by the profession.

We have simple online application to make your own infographic online using piktochart. You can easily create infographics by selecting templates and editing them through piktochart application.

You don’t have to be professional graphic designer for making your own infographics. It’s pretty straight forward to use piktochart.

So let us make one infographic using piktochart. First you need to sign up for free account. You can also sign in using your facebook or gmail account by easily giving access to the app.

infographic template

Once you login to piktochart, you have options to select the infographic template from the options provided like infographic, presentation, poster and report.

piktochart infographic template

I’m going to select infographic for us to proceed with the tutorial. You have many options to select the infographic template, free and LITE/PRO infographic template are available.

piktochart template infographic

I have selected a infographic template with the name “the start-up way”. Click on create button and you will be redirected to the editor mode.

edit template piktochart

You have toolbar at the left side of the screen. Tools have menu such as Graphics, Uploads, background, text, tools and import are available. Whereas top toolbar options have menu such as save, publish and share buttons.

piktochart tools

Let us start with editing the template and adding our content to the template. Click select to edit any content box. You can add images, icons and text by just dragging it from the left menu.

Check final output of infographic. Though I have not been so creative while creating the infographic. But if you give more time, you could use your creativity to the fullest for creating final version. Also, you can download the infographic as pdf, jpeg and png. I’m going to use png format though jpeg is recommended for using it on the website.

dowload piktochart infographic

Check final design of infographic.

piktochart infographic

If you need a complete customize infographic designed. You can get it done by any freelancer from fiverr starting at $5. Hope you like the tutorial and free infographic template in piktochart, please leave your comments below.