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Last Updated on February 6, 2020 by Learn Digital Marketing

Copywriting is about gorgeous sentences and witty turns of phrase. Nonsense. Any good copywriter knows that their words should act as a salesperson first, and only a poet second. Conversion rates are how you can track and measure the commercial impact of your copywriting.

There are many simple copywriting tips that will help you improve your conversion rates, from using lead magnets to crafting knockout headlines. Find out what the rest of the top tips are, begin using them, and your conversion rates could increase by up to 84%.

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Create a lead magnet from your existing content

A lead magnet is a free asset that you give your customers, target audience, or site visitors. You do this because it offers them an incentive to engage with you and your brand. And the result of this engagement? You conversion rates increase by up to 84%.

Your existing copy and business data is the ideal material for creating a lead magnet. You can make your blog posts into an ebook, or use your company stats to create an interactive quiz.

There are many great tools available that make it simple to convert your copy into a lead magnet. Canva lets you turn your blog posts into an ebook for free, while qualtrics is free software that allows you to create interactive quizzes. To learn more about increasing your conversion rates through lead magnets, watch the video below:

Use your blog to bring pain relief to your audience

If you search for a cricket bat it’s because you have a burning desire to get out onto the crease. If you use Google to find your nearest doctor it’s because there’s something wrong with you. Whatever the reason is that you look for something you do it because you have a pain point. Using your copy to bring pain relief to your audience is one of the best ways of improving your conversion rate. Why? Because it gives your audience a reason to visit your website.

To find your audience’s pain points you have to be aware of the problems that can direct them to your website. For example, if you’re in social media marketing your audience might be asking: “how do I increase my Facebook followers?” They might also be asking things like: “how do I get more engagement from my Twitter fans?” Let them find the answer in your blog.

Write blog posts that solve your audience’s problems and then demonstrate how your business solves them. Include internal links to where they can find your pain relieving goods, providing justification, and your conversion rates will improve.

Use short, sharp, snappy sentences

Conversion rates are about getting your audience to complete a task. For them to do this they need to understand what they’re supposed to do and for this to happen they need clear instructions. Flowery sentences may look nice but they’re the enemy of conversion. Sentences of no more than eight words have a near 100% retention rate. So if you want your copy to convert you need to use short, sharp, snappy sentences.

It’s simple to make your sentences easier to understand. All you need to do is apply some basic editing and brevity to your copy:

  • Cut down your adjectives: One will do and using two can confuse your audience. This leaves them unsure what the benefit is to what you’re offering them.
  • Make your copy emotive: Action, power, or emotive words are excellent for CTAs. They create urgency in your audience, which increases your conversion rates. Use these words to persuade your customers to buy your products, or readers to pick your blog post.

For more on the value of using short, sharp, snappy sentences, watch the great video underneath:

Create UX copy to make your message clearer

Your copy isn’t only about the words you use or the way you structure your sentences. Great copywriting is also about presenting your ideas in the best way to get your message across. This means you need to think about User Experience (UX) if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Where your copy is going has a big impact on the UX it requires. For instance, people read emails and web copy in an F-shaped pattern. Their eyes scroll across the top of the page/email to get the headline information. After that, they go down the left side to find bullet points or numerical points. They then finish by reading from left to right on the bottom, to catch subheads, italics, or bolded text. The image below shows how the F-pattern looks:


Credit: Brafton

To apply the F-pattern to your copy and increase your conversions, you need to do two things. Firstly, you need to write your content so that it makes an F-shape. Secondly, you must include your key message in the two horizontal lines of the F, with your CTA at the last heat point (the foot of the F).

Create headlines that give instant clarity

Marketers know the value of a clear headline – if people can’t understand how this copy benefits them they won’t read beyond it. While your heading may be the shortest part of your content, getting it right is the most important copywriting tip you’ll get.

Headlines are the things that have sold newspapers for generations, and these figures show their continued importance to conversion:

  • Changing one word in an email subject line can increase conversions by 46%
  • David Ogilvy believed headlines to be worth 90% of the money spent advertising
  • 500% as many people read your headlines as read your content in full
  • Communicating the value of your service in a headline can increase conversions by 30%

If you want to increase your conversion rates you need your headlines to give instant clarity. To find out more about how to write headlines that convert, check out the video underneath:

Conversion rate is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) in copywriting. Your copy may be beautiful, but your role isn’t only to entertain your readers. Copywriting is about selling a product or service with words. You make this sale by getting your readers to complete an action and the measure for this is your conversion rate.

By putting these copywriting tips into practice, you’ll craft copy that’s concise, persuasive, and valuable. So don’t waste another minute, start using them today and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your conversion rates. You can also take the help of the best CRO agency.