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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

The below given infographic represent the role and domination of promotional tshirts and other promotional products that are changing the paradigm of marketing. In fact, it has completely transformed the marketing terminology as well as concept in a big way. The infographic is designed by Pro Ink Screen Printing to explain the role & impact of promotional products in this age of rapid-changing advertising!

The staggering statistical facts and figures of the Promotional tshirts & other promotional products shows that it is a new promotional instrument that has the ability to influence customers and their buying behaviour.

The powerful statistical analysis shown in this infographic explains the increasing rate of promotional products on the market, which are not only increasing the brand awareness, but also the customer loyalty, which is eventually helping the businesses to improve their bottom lines.

In fact, customers also love to have such products, because these products are highly useful for their day-to-day activities. No doubt, this trend of promotional products will improve positively and continue to influence the buying behaviour of the end-users.

promotional tshirts