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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

quit blogging


Why should i quit blogging?

Very strange topic and you want to know why I want to quit blogging from today. I’m not making this decision out of any frustration or not I’m drunken now. BTW, I don’t drink at all.

My blogging journey is started when I purchased my domain back in 2015 December. Choosing a domain was not an easy job for me. As I was between 2 states of mind. Should I have domain name in keyword or not.

Finally, I purchased a domain with great hosting from siteground.

Why I started blogging?

I won’t give you shit reason, that I was passionate of blogging. Everyone here in the world who blogs are making money from blogging. So my reason was mix of two. Yes, I wanted to make money by blogging. Also I wanted to share my knowledge to newbies.

Professional bloggers from World

I was following many professional bloggers. Some of them are Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, Kulwant Nagi etc.

All of them are making lots of money from affiliate marketing, mostly 6 figures income. Everyone is champion in their niche. Though most of them are from one niche basically how to make money from affiliate marketing, how to blog, how to make money online etc.

By reading their series of interview, like a newbie I was tempted to start a blog. I had almost 20+ articles on my blog. I’m getting descent traffic on my blog. But it’s not too great to survive. As I have to pay hosting fees too.

Do I know SEO? Do people read my content?

Yes, I know you may think I don’t know SEO. My content is not engaging and many other comments. I have around 8+ years’ experience in SEO, web development etc.

I know how to get organic visitors. But is this enough?

So what is the reason to quit blogging?

7 Months is long time. I had no success with affiliate marketing and google AdSense rejected my application 4 times because in sufficient content.

I had asked this question myself many times? Can I compete professional bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Ankit Singla or Kulwant Nagi for the same niche which I’m writing article on.

The answer is Big NO. They have already got a solid position on this niche and there are many other bloggers who write on same niche which they write on their respective blogs.

You can read same articles with twisted words in top 100 pages in google. I think people who had started blogging 10 years back going to survive for long run as they have claimed their spots strongly.

Day dreaming is not good

Don’t just read any bloggers income report and start blogging because day dreaming is not good. All of this bloggers have started blogging at the right time when blogging was very new term on the internet world. I would recommend blogging for those who can write better content and have the guts to compete with professional bloggers who are already on the top.

Don’t just make blogging your passion and your life?

If you are not passionate about blogging just don’t force yourself to develop passion for blogging. There might be something else which will make you big. If xyz blogger is writing about WordPress that does not means you should also write about WordPress.

I mean there are long niche which are still open and nobody write about it. You can blog about travel, wildlife, farming etc.

If everyone will just be focusing on creating millions of blog daily. Then who will create Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn. There are many things to earn money. You need to think positive and create innovative products.

You can create apps, software’s, themes etc. Lot of opportunities are waiting in the online world. If you are getting success in blogging, just don’t waste your time on blogging. Just quit blogging now. Don’t just get high by looking at big events and big money earned by professional bloggers.

Because they are professional bloggers and they have passion for blogging. They eat, breathe blogging.

Write Unique Content?

Writing unique content is the best policy if you want to become successful blogger. If some of the post which you are writing are already ranked higher on google. Don’t waste your time on re-writing it again. As most this content is already crafted by top bloggers and people love it.

Write something which is fresh and people want more detail knowledge about it.

Don’t blog for earning money from 1st day of blog

If you are writing blog for earning money don’t enter blogging world. As keeping such goals will lead in failures in big times. I eventually wanted to earn money with adsense and affiliate marketing from my blog and ended up in showing unwanted ads on my blogs.

Work on branding yourself and your blog

There will be always one Harsh Agarwal, one Kulwant Nagi and one Amit Agarwal in blogging history. So you will never replicate the same thing.

Brand yourself big in the blogging world. Attend blogging events and connect with other bloggers. Learn basic of SEO, Social media and digital marketing. As you need to have this knowledge if you want to become professional blogger.

Monetizing your blog

Monetizing blog is tough task. So don’t just waste time on affiliate marketing or adsense. There are other options such as selling own ebooks, themes and expert services you can provide to your customers.

What to do when you feel like to quit blogging?

Take 3 months break from blogging. Don’t write at all. Don’t check statistics on your blog. Remove all the affiliate links and ads from your blog.

Do whatever you want to do in life. Go for cycling, trekking and listen music. Do what you love. Shut your laptop. Concentrate on your family and friends. Do what you love the most.

Once you know what you are missing in life. Comeback again and check if blogging is the part of your life and you want to continue with it. If you still don’t thing blogging is not a piece of cake for you. Try to shape your career in different fields.

Remember motivation is great by reading other bloggers content and their success stories. But if you feel this not what you have been created for. Try your luck with something else. Everyone has some special passion and chase your dream.


So what you feel about blogging, you can keep your comments below. Finally, should I quit blogging from now.