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Last Updated on April 26, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

money from affiliate marketing

Every blogger has a dream to earn online money from his blog. It does not matter even if you are blogging for passion. But if you want to monetize your blog, which will give you extra income will be always great.

There are many ways to earn from your blog. I will share a proper case study that gave me quite a good result and increases my blogging income from $100 to now $500 monthly.

Google AdSense was my primary source of income on my blog until I was not happy with the earnings and irrelevant ads which were disturbing my viewers.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Ads

After trying many ways to earn online. I finally removed all the CPC ads programs. I made up my mind about running affiliate ads on my blog. I’m not getting a high volume of traffic on my blog, but I get quality visitors on my blogs.

What do you need to display affiliate marketing ads?

You should have a proper blog with good hosting. You should have 100 visitors minimum per day on your blog. Write quality unique content on your blog. Use the power of digital marketing to generate more visitors.

Plan of Action: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Ads

You can check your best-performing page in google analytics if you are tracking your online visitors. Affiliate Marketing ad placement is very important for better conversions. So you need to run A/B Split testing for your page.

The winning page should be retained. Once you finalize the ads placement. Your ads will start converting for you in money.

For example, my blog performs best on the home page. So I have affiliate marketing ads on the header and left sidebars. I’m running siteground affiliate marketing ads for best WordPress hosting.

Complete overview and statistics for affiliate marketing ads

I’m getting an average monthly visitor which around 500 unique visitors. So monthly I’m getting traffic around 15,000 visitors. So from 15,000 visitors, 2000 visitors click the affiliate marketing ads. On average 10 visitors monthly actually buy the hosting plan.

So for each reference, I get around $50, so for 10 leads, I get around $500 per month which actually a very good income compare to google Adsense. Please check the below screen report for affiliate earnings.

money from affiliate marketing

Here is my income proof. I get around 5 sales minimum from affiliate marketing ads from siteground. The reason I’m displaying ads from siteground only. Because I don’t want to confuse my visitors with multiple choice of ads from the same products.

Let understand this in detail. If I want to sell WordPress hosting where people will click my ads and they will buy it. We have to first build trust with them. If you are showing different hosting ads from siteground, Bluehost, and Hostgator randomly on the same pages. Your visitors will get confused and won’t click and buy any of the products.

So this is the main reason I work with only one affiliate marketing provider. Multiple affiliates on one blog do not convert well.

What are other ways of earning from affiliate marketing ads?

As I have good subscribers and a big email database. I always send bulk emails using MailChimp and place affiliate URLs in the email. There are chances of generating sales from email and also from your social media accounts.

You should be always active and look for ways, where you can place your affiliate URLs in the form of a text link or banner ads.

How to optimize your blog post for good conversions

Most of bloggers quit blogging if they don’t get visitors and income from their blogs. So blogging is not for those who don’t have patience. So you have to continuously write good stuff on your blog and wait to get fruits from your blog.

The main and important thing you should never overlook while publishing new content on your blog is the Title of your blog post and meta descriptions. It should be attractive with good catchy words which grab the attention of your audience.

You can read this article on catchy words over here.

You should also use good graphics on your blog post by inserting good keywords in the alt tag.

Alternative to Affiliate Marketing

If you are not getting a good conversion from affiliate marketing. You can sign up for CPC programs such as Google Adsense, media.net, info links, etc. Everything depends on your blog content. Some people generate good revenue from affiliate marketing and some from google Adsense.

If you check Harsh Agarwal blog shout me loud and his earning report. Most of the money he earns from affiliate marketing ads.

You can also check the source of income of top Indian bloggers here. Some of them earn from AdSense and some of them from affiliate marketing earns. So you need to understand what performs well on your blog and according to that, you should select one network.

Always run A/B Split testing for your blog. This will help you to create a good ad space for your blog.

Monetizing with YouTube

No matter what is your YouTube niche. You can easily monetize your YouTube channel by placing affiliate links in the description. If you have just started your channel, you can promote the videos using Adwords video ads or Buy Yotube views from professional sources.

What if I don’t want to display ads on my blog and still wanted to monetize my blog?

One of a friend who is also a professional blogger hates displaying any kind of ads on his blog. He says that hurt his brand. He keeps on saying why I should display 3rd party ads on my website. So how he earns from his blog…?

Here is the answer. He has created around 5 ebooks which are about SEO, copywriting, and WordPress. Each book he sells for $20, apart from that he also provides services such as WordPress website development, SEO consulting, and graphic design.

He earns about $3000 monthly and he says he is very happy with the income. So if you have those skills, you can opt-out from monetizing through affiliate marketing ads.

Best Affiliate Marketing Ads Network for WordPress Niche

I’m sharing a top list of affiliate marketing ads networks. You can select any of these or signup for each of them and place ads on different pages and sections of your website.

WordPress Shared Hosting

You can sign up for the best WordPress shared hosting which are Hostgator, Siteground, and Blue host. All these affiliate marketing programs can sign up from the website directly.

Genesis Theme

Genesis is one of the most impressive frameworks provided by studio press. Most of the top bloggers use this theme because of its simplified codes and optimization for SEO.

Plugmatter Affiliate Program

Plugmatter gives 50% of each sale. So you get good profit by placing affiliate ads.


Clickbank is one of the popular affiliate networks. Most professional bloggers use this network for monetizing their blogs.

Amazon Affiliate Programs

Amazon, you can sell ebooks or any products from amazon and you get a commission on each sale. So you can write article or review of products. Place affiliate links or banners and start generating good money from your blog. If your Amazon account gets suspended you can easily Reinstate Amazon account by using YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services.


You can make money with affiliate marketing. For that, you need to daily publish good and unique articles. Once you start getting good traffic you can sign up for any above affiliate networks and start earning good money for your living. Blogging is an art, once you get into the field you will start learning more things. Please do share this article on social media and also leave your comments below.