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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

I never imagined we will grow so quickly. Italkcool.com has turned just two week old and we already started generating good website traffic. We just got over 1565 visitors in my blog’s second week website traffic.

I currently have around 4 to 5 post on my blog. I’m currently getting 350 unique visitors daily. This is good for new blog.

So what I did correct to which increase website traffic?

I’m just not saying it, please check below screenshot for proof.

website traffic

How I Got Over 1565 visitors in My Blog’s Second Week

This is the cased study on how I build my blog and followed some basic steps from some famous Indian bloggers.

Good hosting & nice responsive theme

Selecting hosting was tough job for me. As you can find number of hosting companies across the world. But you have to be sure when you buy any hosting companies check all the reviews.

Because hosting is heart of your blog. If your hosting sucks that will have bad impact on your website. After long research I found Siteground to be the best hosting for wordpress blog. As a starter I’m very much satisfied with it.

Choosing right optimized theme

I have two choice in my mind. Genesis or thesis. But I found genesis framework more powerful because of its clean coding and multiple options built in.

SEO Plugin

Though genesis comes with their own seo plugin but I choose SEO yoast because of the positive reviews about it. The best part of this plugin, it gives suggestion and tell score of your content for each post you published. So it was straight forward to implement it.

I researched for the topics what people’s are looking for and what I can provide them with solutions.

You can write anything on your blog but does your post will attract visitors to share it or what they actually gain anything by reading your post. That was the main question in my mind.

As I already know before, visitors should gain trust with your blog and ideas. So you need to first post what visitors are looking for and once that trust is gain between you and visitor’s, you can post anything on your blog related to your niche. Remember first you need to have good traffic on you website.

Keyword research

This is most important factor in seo. I can’t afford now to get subscription for SEO tools available in the market. So I use google keyword’s planner for keyword research. Short keyword won’t work now days. So long tail keywords should be your main focus.

On page optimization is important, so when you select keyword you have to make sure you update that keyword in blog title, blog url, meta description, first paragraph of your content and images.

SEO yoast plugin will check for SEO score, make sure SEO yoast is happy with your score.

How much content should you write?

If you read articles from Neil Patel Blog, one of the famous blogger in the world. He write content over 2000 words. All his post are well explained. I would say a good post can be around 500 – 700 words which are more specific.

Attractive Post Title

Good post title will give attention to the readers. People will be excited to read your post. You should have excellent attractive post title. For example why did I choose this title for my blog post “How I got Over 1565 visitors in My Blog’s Second Week” I could have something like “my website traffic 1565

So the reason you should select good attractive post title is because according to research people react for the title which are full of energy and positivity.

Commenting on Popular blogs and forums

I started commenting on forums and blogs with similar niche, which helped me in gaining some good backlinks. I got around 8% of traffic from blogs where I comments. Also I am major contributor on V7n forum. So I had made my signature with my url which backlink to my blog.

You need to actively daily comments on forum and blogs.

Social media sharing

You job does not ends just by publishing new content. Because blogging is just 20% and 80% is how you promote your blog through social media such as facebook, google plug, twitter and linkedin.

Make sure you have social sharing icons on your blog as well. Because visitors tends to share useful articles.

Using infographics on your blog

Designing information graphics is the best way to get traffic. Now days if you search any keyword with infographic you will find many related infographics. You should always design your own infographics which are enough good to go viral.

Research have found that infographics are most easy way to viral any content.

This are all my strategies I have used to get traffic to my blog. I would update more here on improving traffic on my blog. If I have missed anything you could simply leave your comments below.