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Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Learn Digital Marketing

When people list important tools for business success, they often leave out screen recorders. That is despite the everyday use of these tools for a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks may even include everyday use, whereas others are more technical. 

Either way, your business most likely needs a screen recorder. But what are some of the pros of having a screen recorder? 

Here are some of the top benefits and applications of screen recording software in a business environment:

Onboarding new employees

Every now and then, a business might open up vacancies for new employees. These employees need to be on-boarded and trained on how company software works and other important tasks. HR or even you might be wasting a lot of time when on-boarding new employees to your team. 

Showing each new employee how to use their computers or company software can take up a lot of time. To simplify this, you can record the screen for training and on-boarding specifically. 

screen recorder
Capto Screen recorder

By using Screenflow or other better alternatives mentioned here: https://setapp.com/how-to/screenflow-and-its-alternatives, you can create awesome on-boarding videos. Every time a new employee gets hired, they can watch the video instead of having someone explain every little detail instead of going through their own workflow. 

Employees can replay these videos over again instead of going back to their instructor to ask questions when they forget something.

Creating tutorials

If you’re constantly developing new products, you might be in need of a screen recorder. This applies especially to SaaS and Cloud Service providers. 

There are other businesses that might also need a screen recorder to create engaging tutorials on using new products that have been launched. Instead of creating an FAQ list only, it might be helpful making a video tutorial explaining how to use the service or product offered. 

Your customer care desk will not be flooded by emails and calls of customers asking how to use their purchased products. Instead, it will only be reserved for customer complaints and conflict resolution. 

The tutorials can also be created for marketing purposes. For example, software companies can create exciting videos depicting their work being used in real-world applications.

Monitoring employee productivity 

Employers and business owners are living in constant fear their employees are not working but instead playing solitaire or scrolling through social media. If that is the case with you, installing a screen recorder can help put your mind at ease. You can monitor to see which employees are not working during work hours to take appropriate action against them. 

Exemplary employees can then be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. When employees know they are being watched, they’ll most likely be motivated to put in extra effort at work. That will boost productivity and the end results can be a team dedicated to their work. There are various screen recorders that can get this done for you. All that’s needed is finding the one that suits your needs.

Logging system errors

Sometimes employees might complain about downtime in the system when they have failed meeting targets. At times they might be correct and there is a need for the IT team to get to work. However, it might be a little bit hard for the technicians to isolate the problem. As a result, they might need to go into computer logs to determine what happened. 

Technicians might also need the error message or code that was issued to quickly fix the problem. A screen recorder can make all of this information readily available. Technicians can also see what happened that might have lead to the error. With screen recording software, diagnostics are faster and other employees can be warned about the root cause much quicker.

Recording webinars

Depending on the industry you are in, there might be a need to initiate live webinars. These webinars might be very important and entail evergreen insights that could be useful in the future. To ensure that the webinar remains with all slides and visual information recording the screen can be a great idea. 

You can get a screen recorder that also records the webcam and uses external mic audio. The webinars can then be distributed to different people that need to watch and listen to them. You can even post some excerpts of the webinar that are relevant and entail important points.

To sum up 

A screen recorder can help your business become more productive and resolve problems much quicker. By monitoring employee screens, you can see if they are playing games or being productive. You can also have error codes of significant system crashes that need to be resolved by technicians. Having a screen recorder can help with on-boarding employees and creating tutorials as well. That is why every business should invest in getting a reliable screen recorder.