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Last Updated on October 17, 2019 by Learn Digital Marketing

Yes, you heard it right! Orkut is back with a bang with a new social networking app for android and IOS. Orkut founder Buyukkokten, have come with a new online product which is a new social networking app called as HELLO social network.

Going back to memories I remember I was the first in my college to create account on orkut and which was viral across to my college and become one of the favourite. Orkut also helped me to get my first girlfriend. It was a huge successful social networking sites during those days.

Hello network app is available to download for android and IOS users. Currently Hello network app is available in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil.

One can sign up for an invite notification so that you will get as soon the app is available in your country.

You can download the app by clicking on the link for IOS and android.

Hello Social Network app have launched in India after four years from the launch in europe. It is to be said that Hello network app will have a great impact and give good competition for giants such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Hello network is to be said the next generation of Orkut. Buyukkokten says hello network is built on loves and not likes. So you may guess who is pointing out. You can read the full letter here.

Hello network app focus on passion and it filters the people who are similar to your passions. So you connect people who share same passions as you.

Key features in Hello Network app.


hello network app

This feature is focused on particular passion. For example, trekking, cycling, musician, sportsman, writer, actor, blogger etc. So you could select 5 personas which match your personas and according to that you will get connected to the people. Sounds great not like another social networking sites where you have check the profile of the person and then connect to them.


hello network app

You get personalized updates to content relevant personas. For example, when if you are trekker and you will get notifications about any events related to chosen feeds.


hello network app

This features will help you to showcase you the people from your location who are sharing same passions whether it is singing, dancing, diving or whatever passion you have.


hello network app

Connections feature you can use it to send direct messages, photos and unique expressions.


hello network app

Be active on leaderboard while sharing information and latest udpates which will help you become a persona leader.

Milestone & Rewards

You can add fun to your social connections by reaching milestones and unlocking rewards which makes personas interesting and fun. You can also read here for getting started with hello network app.

About Hello Network

The about us page of hello network says that hello network is founded by orkut creator buyukkokten and ex google engineers. They have development office in Mountain view and headquarters in san Francisco.

How to open account in Hello Social Network App – Screenshot

hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India hello social network app India


Like most of the new app are welcome in the world. Hello Social Network app comes from the founder of Orkut, so we can expect good social networking values to it. Once this app gets success on android and ios we can expect a desktop browser version soon. So download this app and please let us know what do you think about this new social networking app. We will be writing more on hello network app for you to make it easy.