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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Today is 29th of December. I have lot of great memories from my past. When I look at my career graph, I began my career as a junior graphic designer back in 1998. It is very funny transformation of a graphic designer who had a great journey which transformed me from a graphic designer and now a WordPress Expert, SEO Professional and a passionate blogger.

I never thought in my life to became a graphic designer, but some of my friends suggested me to joined as an intern in his company. I started learning Photoshop, flash and illustrator. Within a year, I master the skills and I was designing logos, banners and eBooks.

In 2002, I learned about blogging where anyone can share their views and knowledge to the online word. So, I started my first blog on BlogSpot. After I came to know about WordPress which was and is the best platform for bloggers.

I did certification in Html and CSS. After that I started exploring WordPress and found it to be one of the best way to develop websites and blogs. Then there was no looking back. I started getting lot of projects from reference for designing and developing websites in WordPress. I have almost build 120+ WordPress websites.

What made me expert in WordPress was developing and creating own themes using DIVI framework, Genesis framework, thesis framework. Also, I was good in graphic designing as well. So, I never needed help in logo designing, color branding or banner creation.

I was also focusing on getting traffic on my blog. So, I enrolled myself in SEO certification. I started learning on-page optimization and off page optimization and link building. I was engaging myself interacting with famous bloggers such as Neil Patel and various SEO forums.

When I implemented all my SEO strategies I started getting good amount of organic traffic on blog. Though long tail keywords research helped me a lot.


Though I had lot of expertise such as WordPress Expert, SEO Expert and PowerPoint Specialist. I started working in big brands as a PowerPoint specialist and worked for big brands such as Cisco, Citrus Sign Studio etc. But working in the office was never a cup of my tea.

Also, I was not getting enough projects from other freelancing websites. Because quality of this freelancer portals was not best.

So, what Next?


Recently one of my friend had referred me and explained me about Toptal. He explained me the process about the selection on Toptal is not easy. But one who have a great talent are easily passed in Toptal.

Also, I checked articles and checked the quality of freelancer who are working with Toptal are all experts. So, this just grab my attention. I always want to be part of something cool and professional space online.

I would love to serve my expertise skills on Toptal as WordPress Expert, SEO Professional and PowerPoint Specialist.


If you love this article. I want everyone to look at toptal, if you have a great expertise in your field. Toptal is a place for experts, so if you want to provide your skills can join this great freelancing portal.