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Last Updated on September 22, 2021 by Learn Digital Marketing

Developing your brand online is a challenging process to say the least. If you’ve ever started your own company before or worked in a startup, this will not come as a major surprise to you. In many cases, your company is going head-to-head with other more established, well-respected businesses in your market. This means you’ll have to step up your creativity and put in long hours if you intend to grow your company without a large marketing budget.

So, you definitely have an uphill battle on your hands, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be impossible to penetrate your niche. Take advantage of SEO tips to drive more traffic to your website. Use Linkio to manage your link building processes. After taking the best steps to put as many visitors in front of your content as you possibly can, you can then use effective low-budget branding techniques to turn potential customers into rabid fans.

With that said, we’ll now take a look at some important practices to follow to help you build an amazing brand on a micro budget. If you use these suggestions to their fullest, you will make waves in your niche and become more recognizable as long as you’re willing to work harder and smarter to spread the word about your amazing company.

Forget about Messaging and Focus on Your Products – Micro Budget

If you ever plan to breach the zeitgeist and become a dominant player in your market, all while growing organically; you must offer your potential customers a strong service or product. Your product has to be valuable enough and so well thought of that the world will have no choice but to talk positively about it.

So many up-and-coming companies spend the majority of their time focusing on tricky marketing tactics and catchy slogans to grab attention. Guess what? If your product or service doesn’t stand out and offer something outside of the box when compared to similar options, you’ll have a tough time beating out the big dogs already in your market.

Instead, you need to spend the majority of your time on product and service development. Your offer has to be unique and unlike anything currently available on the market. It needs to provide massive value to your customers, so they receive more than what they paid for your product or service.

We know this is counter intuitive to the current minimum viable product atmosphere. We really believe companies need to adopt a perfectionist mentality in order to succeed and surpass the competition when operating with a micro budget. By doing everything you can to attempt to perfect your products and services, you’ll create something amazing and it will definitely be something you and your employees can be proud of.

Truth be told, once you’ve perfected your product or service, the world will begin to take notice. Before long, you’ll begin to develop brand evangelists, and once you reach this stage of the game, you’ll see an unstoppable snowball effect that will help propel your company to the top of the food chain in your market.

Making Brand Evangelists Part of Your Company Culture

To experience the kind of penetrating organic growth you desire, your brand needs to begin cultivating consumers willing to tell the world about your products and services. We call these people brand evangelists, and they usually have lots of respect and sway in their communities.

The beauty of brand evangelists is twofold. First, they are helping advertise your products and services through word-of-mouth. This obviously will have a major impact on your ability to reach more and more people over time.

Second, these well-respected evangelists bring credibility to your brand. By letting the world know how much they love and appreciate your products or services, they are singing your praises and providing social proof to others who may not have heard about your company and the amazing things you have to offer.

So, make sure your product or service is so good that people can’t help but talk about it. When you’ve reached this level, you’ll have no trouble bringing more customers into the fold.

How can brand evangelists spread your message? Very easily. They can post reviews about the products and services online, and do so on large review style websites. They can share customer testimonials, and you can turn around and post them on your website for the world to see. Maybe most important of all, they can literally talk about your products and services to other members of their social circles.

When you’re capable of developing brand evangelists to this degree, your product and service sales will certainly soar. More important, you’ll become highly sought after and respectable authorities in your market, which in turn will convince your newfound fans to buy just about everything you have for sale because they’ll realize the value of these important services and products.

Simplify the Consumer Sharing Process

It’s impossible to convince every single customer to become brand evangelists, but they will like your products and services all the same. So you have to give them the opportunity to share your information with other members of their online communities. A simple way to accomplish this is to remove possible friction and make it easier than ever to share your info on powerful social media sites.

Obviously, the best way to pull this off is to add social sharing widgets to your site. By doing so, buttons will pre-populate on product and service pages, which your customers could then click to share on their favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Do yourself a huge favor and add social sharing widgets to your website as soon as humanly possible. You may think it’s going to be a waste of time, but you’d be surprised how many times your happy customers click the share buttons to let the rest of their favorite online communities know about your incredible offerings.


It may seem difficult to create an amazing brand on a micro budget, but you now know it’s very possible. Please use the guidelines provided today, follow the instructions, and you’ll begin to grab more market share in your niche sooner rather than later.