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Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Bootleg signs offer’s you directional assistance and advertise your brands events by showcasing them by using bootleg signs. There is not compulsion or position on how you use your bootleg signs but mostly you can find these bandit signs near resorts, hotels, airports and throughout the city.

bootleg signs

Bootleg signs can be single facing or double facing according to your ads display needs. Most of this signs are double facing ads. You can ask your vendor for customize sizing for your signs.

Bootlegs signs are also called as bandit signs, coroplast signs, coroplast yard signs and leasing signs.

coroplast bandit signs

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What are Bootleg Signs?

Bootleg signs are also used as indoor signs for example most of the restroom will have this signs with male and female graphics. You can also find indoor signs in the airport where this signs gives us directions to navigate the proper terminals entrance or to exit gate.

How are Coroplast Signs Used?

Most often you see this bootleg signs used by real estate industry, where you see signs with “rent now” bungalow or apartment. Coroplast yard signs gives all important property information and this sign is placed near by the property so that people can easily see this ads sign.

Check few examples of bootleg signs.

Resort & Hotels

A great way of promotion by using bootleg signs are displaying your property amenities such as swimming pool, club area, spa, bar, karaoke etc. This bootlegs signs will navigate customers and guide them to proper locations in your resort and hotels.

Real Estate & Apartment Bootleg Signs

bootleg signs coroplast signs

Get noticed by displaying leasing signs in your yards to promote your property if you want sale or rent it out. 80% of this ads are successful because it can be easily visible to customers near road side or street.


Preschool is growing business around world, so main form of marketing your school would be using bootleg signs.

Sales Signs or Coroplast Yard Signs

bandit signs

Life is changing fast so does the modern trends around world for shopping has gone crazy. You get almost 1000+ shops in a single mall and they have heavily depends on the bootleg signs for the promotion of their products range.

This shops bootleg signs are so attractive which tends customers to enter the shops and almost sales are generated from the signs.

Bootleg signs are also known as bandit signs, coroplast signs and yard signs. Digital billboard are mostly described a type of outdoor advertising used mostly by real estate, hotels and services industries.

bandit signs

Bandit signs are used across the world because it has potentials to direct customers and drive them to sales.

Bandit signs are more effective than other mediums of advertisements.

One day while I was driving to home from metro city, I found around 20+ bandit signs in the yard to begin with a huge bungalow which was constructed lately was having this advertisement “Rent it now” with contact details and other amenities of the property. I saw few customers who were really interested when they saw this ads.

Within 3-4 days I saw that property was rented to one of the customer. I had curiosity so I walk to him and asked what made you to rent this bungalow. I mean how you come to know about this property. He smiled and said he actually had been planning for renting a bungalow but one day when he was driving he saw this bandit signs and he just like the property and after that he rented his house.

I never imagined in this digital world how come this bandit signs attracted the customers.

Another example was 3km from my home, a grand preschool was opened and they have almost 15+ bandit signs right from the direction of main gate to the entrance of school.

Similar this bootlegs signs are often seen advertising about music classes, dance classes, wine shop and multiple businesses. I would see it’s completely fine if you are having bandit signs in your property or if you are paying rent for the advertisement space.

But sometimes this bandit signs can be annoying if you find it everywhere nearby your places. But it can’t be control similar with the big billboards around the city. But if I look at the market print advertisement are the best practices used by the industries.

But sometimes I find this bandit signs very useful. While driving from my city to another state this bootleg signs navigate me to nearby gas station, food malls etc. I some time feel if this advertisement were not there what would have happen, I would have to look right and left while driving car.

Bandit Signs Specifications & How to Create A Bandit Signs

This are the standard size for bandit signs 18″x24″, 12″x18″, 9″x24″, 24″x18″, 18″x12″, 24″x24″, 24″x36″, 36″x24″

But you can also get customized sizing for your coroplast signs as per your requirements. When you pass on design brief to your printer vendor and designer, make sure your message is clear with big fonts, easy directions and not too much abstract images which will distract the signs.

Design should be simple and straight forward with clear messages. Bold text letters with your contact numbers so that customers can call you directly.

If you are making sign for your shop, resorts and hotels with the direction, clear navigation arrows should be present in your design.

Where to Place Coroplast Bandit Signs For Better Conversions

Once your yard sign is ready you need to have good placement for your advertisement. You don’t need to place your bandit sign in the crowd of advertisement because too many yard signs at same place would be ignored by potential customers.

bandit signs wrong placement

Select a place where you can position your bandit sign alone. So that you don’t have any other signs which will confuse the customers. If you are real estate best place for bandit signs would be road facing where generally people would see it easily.

bandit coroplast signs

If you are shop owner you can place your sign in front of your shop main door and nearby where space is available with the proper permission, so that you don’t have to fall in illegal laws for bandit signs.

You can also change you bandit signs place depending on your leads and conversion. Once you are happy with the position which are generating good leads you stuck to that place.

Avoid Bandit signs conflicts

It is always better to stay away from the trouble, so do not position your bandit signs in front of your competitors as you don’t want to fall in any legal troubles. You can mostly solve any disputes by talking with the person directly and share the space for monthly or weekly basis period.

If you have any comments or query please do share it below. You can also try digital marketing for advertisement.