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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Today I decided to stop checking my blog traffic statistics daily, so I said good bye to google analytics. Why was it really important?

stop checking blog stats traffic daily

Being a start-up blogger, we tend to check our blog traffic. But if things are not working well and you are not getting good organic traffic to your blog it would really hamper your dream to become a good blogger.

Thousands of blogs are created daily and only handful numbers of the blog are stable for long term. The main reason people quit blogging in just two or three months, because they expect to get lacs of daily traffic to their blog.

It becomes an addiction of checking blog traffic daily. Bloggers have such disheartened impact that they quit blogging without knowing the fact that main goal of the blog is solving audience problems rather than just getting traffic.

One of my friend who owns a travel blog. I had asked him question how much traffic do you got in the first month of your blogging. He replied I never concentrated on getting traffic on my blog. But I was more focus on writing engaging content on my blog. He gave simple example

If you sow a seed, you won’t get fruits in just a few month. There is a process, you need to water that plant daily to become a big tree. In return, you will get fruits from the tree.

So in simple words, he means to say you don’t have checked the plant daily for the fruits. There will be a day where you can see the fruits. Measuring blog traffic daily will really harm your confidence and you will start comparing with how successful other bloggers are and how much traffic they get it from their blog.

I won’t keep secret about my friend’s blog traffic. He almost gets daily visitors around 5000 to 6500. 60% of his traffic comes from search engines after blogging almost for 2 years now.

Kicking the habit of checking blog traffic

Until you have strong will power you can rid of this habit. But if you are not strong enough just remove the google analytics code from the blog.

You really need not worry about rankings etc. Write SEO optimized unique articles and do all the marketing stuff you do it for your blog.

Post Frequency

Most of the bloggers recommend to post daily on your blog. But what I feel you don’t need to post daily. I would rather say post twice in a week, but your content should contain 1000 words. Write what people are looking out on the internet. Your post should be answers to audience demands.

Keyword research is very important, so even if your write 2000 words but you have not done keywords research no one will visit your blog.


I don’t mean you should stop measuring your blog traffic for a lifetime. But this will definitely help you to focus on your blog. Improve your writing skills and you can also take help of your friends and online forums to review your content. What you think? Are you going to give this habit of checking blog traffic statistics daily.  Leave your comments below.