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Last Updated on February 15, 2018 by Learn Digital Marketing

Hello everyone let us focus today on options for those who want to work from home. So today I will list best freelance websites for serious professionals.

best freelance websites

Top 5 Best Freelance Websites

Everyone has a dream to be our own boss. Today we are in the 21st century and things have changed. I have seen people earning more than a full-time job and have a great lifestyle working from home. You may have multiple skills such as graphic designing, web designing, programming, photography, writing, SEO, data entry, virtual assistant etc.

You don’t have to worry about timings because you have your own timings flexibility. One more important thing, no one will be on your top of your head to complete the job earlier. Because you can commit delivery time of your project on this best freelance websites. You have multiple projects available on this freelancing sites to bid on for the proper prices rate.

People across the world are looking for a quality freelancer to work on their projects. So what exactly you need apart from an internet connection and a laptop?

Here is the answer. I’m going to list top 5 genuine best freelance websites. You don’t need to worry about their credibility. I have worked with them as a freelancer for several years as a website designer.

Before we move ahead, make sure you have a bank account and PayPal account. Because as you will be working international clients, so for payment you need to have PayPal and bank account. Also, make sure you have connected your bank account with the PayPal. Because most of this best freelancing websites make payments through PayPal.

UPWORK [Formerly Odesk]

upwork freelance website

Upwork (formerly Elance-Odesk) is the largest marketplace for the freelancer’s and project owners. Upwork is one of the best freelancing website for a freelancer as it’s the highly paid. You can earn dollars either hourly based or fixed price.

I have been on upwork from past 5 years and earn many projects. The main reason upwork is good because once you get the project and if you deliver that project with the quality timeline. The client will retain you for the future projects. So if you work with 10 clients and have a good relationship with them, they will all retain you for future freelancing work.

Payment terms are simply easy, you bid for the project and once client accepts you as a freelancer he pays you the upfront. You get remaining amount once you complete the project. After you just need to transfer that amount to your PayPal account and then to your local bank account.



guru freelance website

Guru is yet another popular freelancing website marketplace. Business owners who need online workers register here to get quality freelancer. GURU was founded in 1998 and now it’s one of the popular marketplaces.



fiverr freelance website

Compare to GURU and UPWORK is a totally incredible freelancing marketplace. They have promoted themselves as the form of GIGS which starts from $5 only. FIVERR freelancer offers different varieties of services which you can be directly found on the home page of the website. Graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video animation, programming, voice over etc.

The major fun begins where all services start from only $5. A Person who doesn’t have any skills can earn from Fiverr website. You can start selling your services and it will display right on the fiverr page. I have seen some services where very beautiful gorgeous girls will hold a sign with your business name for $5. For example, check out this link.

You can create multiple services at fiverr. Also, FIVERR work completely reversed compare to UPWORK and GURU.

I will explain how FIVERR works?

Normally you apply to project from UPWORK and GURU, if the client thinks you are best suitable for the job, he select you and award that project.

But in FIVERR you have to create GIGS which are services, which can be anything from writing, translation, photography, graphic design etc. So in one portfolio you can have 1000 GIGS. So someone who needs services will contact you and you don’t have to worry about contacting clients like UPWORK and GURU.

Fiverr has not limitations, so you can have multiple lists of services.


99 Designs

99 design marketplace

99 designs have become one of the favorite places for contractors. 99 designs process of work is totally different from other freelancing websites. Contractors post their project on 99 designs and freelancers can be part of any projects. The Project is open to all in the form of a contest.

Freelancer uploads there files on 99 design and the best design get paid for that project. So it’s simple for any freelancer to show their skills directly through the freelancing site.

The Contractor can post their contest for availing services such as logo design, business card, web page design, facebook cover, banner ads, wordpress theme design, custom app design and many more others.


48 Hours Logo

48 hours logo freelance website

If you are good logo design then 48 hours logo is the best place for you. Thousands of contents are published here daily. This freelancing website focus just on logos. You work on the logos and client ranks your design. The number one is the winner for the contest.



toptal freelance websites

Toptal was founded in 2010 and now becoming very popular among the freelancers because of the good amount of project work available. Small start-ups and business are constantly looking to hire great freelancers. You will find long term works at toptal.


I will keep updating this page with more best freelance websites. Please don’t forget to comment below. I would happy to help you with any queries.