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Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Content is one of the best means to interact with online audiences and create brand awareness.  

Stats state that adults spend more than 7.2 hours a day online. This includes time for making purchase decisions based on the content they read online. Predictably, the content appearing on top of search engines highly influence these decisions. There are few companies that are excellent in outsourcing fulfillment of the companies.

Brands, therefore, need to consistently create engaging high-quality content with SEO to grab eyeballs and convert it into sales.

The need to outsource content?

While most companies create their own content, at times outsourcing content writing to professional content writing services becomes inevitable.

Outsourcing content will provide the following advantages:

  • You can employ content writers with expertise in your niche, especially when you are starting off and your marketing team is raw and new.
  • Professional writers are well-versed in SEO strategies and can help you get more hits on Google search engine
  • Most millennials make purchases online. Since professional writers keep a tab of the market, they can output the most engaging content to tap this segment.
  • Outsourcing frees you from the job of content creation and you can concentrate on other aspects of the business.
  • Consistency is achieved as content creation becomes regular and not a one-off activity.

Type of content that can be outsourced

  1. Professional blogs – To reach your target audience
  2. Social media – caption, post, tweet, etc that engages your audience
  3.  SEO optimized web content – to appear on top of search engine lists
  4. E-books and white papers – to get connected to prospective buyers in formal circles
  5. Translation – to reach audiences beyond language and regional barriers.
  6. copywriting services
  7. Technical writing

Here are some top Content providers in US – The best Content Writing Companies in USA

Location: Boston

They are listed on Good firms, provide the following content types

  • Business blog posts writing
  • Daily, weekly monthly web content for both new and already existing websites.
  • They also offer SEO content marketing services
  • Minimum 500 words Hourly rate$100 – $149

Location: Ventura

Content Powered create content for B2B e- commerce websites

Their areas of expertise are e-commerce websites, graphic design, coding, and blogging. They work with both general e-commerce as well as professional services.

Their clientele list includes Venture Beat, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffpost.

Location: Alpharetta, US

Their services are tailored to suit your need in areas of Web copywriting, Resume writing, blog posts writing, eBook writing, editing, proofreading, product descriptions, press releases, and speech writing

They offer utmost security, take up urgent orders and give scope for unlimited revisions

Location: Los Angeles

They render professional SEO services to make you a prominent web presence. They use PPC strategies to reach target audience

Location: Austin,

Their chief area of work is Technical and documentation writing.

Their work involves writing help guides, user guides, product release notes and datasheets, API programming guides, configuration guides, reference manuals, Hardware documentation, and software installation guides.

You can scale up and down their writing staff as per requirements. Google, SAP, Ripple, and CISCO are some of their top clients.

Location: Ogden.

Traffic Geek Inc and Interactive Group are some of their clients. They provide both on-page and off-page content solutions. Account managers are allocated based on your niche.

Their USP – copy writing, website content, product description, press release, eBook and blog writing

Location: Provo.

Their content has been published in prestigious newspapers such as Forbes and New York Times

One achievement of note for Content Flip is receiving Best Content Marketing Agency 2018 from Designrush.com

Location: New York.

Employing them will get you these benefits:

  • Affordable price
    • Bulk content ordering, in-depth research, American writers,  2 rounds of edit requests, employment of SEO Optimization features such as keyword Optimization, surfer SEO, Market Muse, Clearscope.
    • Engaging blog posts, website content, eCommerce Content, SEO content,
    • Bulk orders completed at a great speed $760/ month 10000 words.

Location: Colarado

They have 3000+ writers with expertise in different niches. They provide high-quality Blog content, product description, video content, ebooks, and articles. Strong points of Verbilo are:

  • SEO, content marketing ideas provided on demand
  • Agency options available and dashboards provided
  • Flexible subscription plans

Location: Florida

They offer Content writing as well as content marketing services

  • Varied niche experts,
  • content with SEO and CRO

Other services offered are – Quality content, topic ideation, SEO optimization, unlimited revisions, HTML formatting, direct publishing available, 1 stock image per article, and white label solutions. Let us know if you need to add anything to the list of Best Content Writing Companies in USA.