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Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has gained great momentum in the past few years, and brands are focusing on it more than ever. However, digital marketing is a wide spectrum consisting of many little things that need to be done correctly to see positive results. One of the most important parts of digital marketing is creating content. This content can range from webpage content, videos, social media graphics, to blogs. It is this content that the viewers who reach your page end up basing their decision to buy on. So you need to create great content. Based on our experience as one of the top providers of digital marketing services in India, here are a few content tips –

Keep it Easy

You may be able to give Shashi Tharoor tough competition in the battle of words, but when it comes to impressing customers, you need to be as clear and concise as possible. The people who will buy your offering need to be impressed by your offering, so even if your content is very well-written, it is worthless if it does not send your brand message across to customers.

The most important tip for creating content for digital marketing is that you need to keep the audience in mind and adapt your style according to them. If you are writing for a young crowd who loves memes, your style should be cool and casual, but if you are writing for professionals at the prime of their career, your content should be formal and professional. In all the cases, a few basic tips are to be concise and informative and create content that makes the reader believe that they need to buy from you. Once you understand the Basics of Digital Marketing Content, you have no limits to advancing it.

Make it Interesting

Let’s be honest, most of the audience doesn’t want to know about your brand. So you must produce content that grasps their attention at once and compels them to see more of your content. It can be difficult to do so as a company that is just trying to sell products but when you see other brands get a humongous number of followers (potential customers) after just launching a few viral social media campaigns, it makes sense to invest in a long term content strategy that can reach as many people as possible.

One way to make your content interesting is by thinking about how shareable it is. Because nobody is going to share content that is not interesting. Once people start sharing your content, you automatically start reaching a greater audience. This eventually increases your lead generation and helps you ace social media like a pro.

Don’t make everything look like an advertisement

While it is tempting to plug in your brand at every opportunity, the sight of your brand’s name between an interesting video/article breaks the viewer’s attention and makes them leave your page. But at the same time, if you make an amazing piece of content that has no relation to your brand, it may get virality but not be in your brand’s interest. So you need to create content that shows how your brand can solve a problem without making it look like a sales pitch. Achieving this balance is obviously not easy, but you can see great content pieces by other brands and the most viral posts to learn the techniques they used to balance the two and result in great content.

Prepare a content calendar in advance

You cannot prepare the entire social media content for the whole year in advance, but you can prepare a content calendar marking the important festivals celebrated in your country and the important days in association with your brand. For example – if you are a milk brand, world cheese day is important for you, but if you are an organisation working for the benefit of helping homeless children, it is an effort in futility.

The purpose of this content calendar is that it helps you to give out a message from your brand’s side on days that are important for your audience. You can also create a content calendar for a month in advance, but in our experience, it is more efficient if you just create it together and keep referring to it every month.

Keep up with the news and trends

Making a content calendar and following it is not the end of your social media efforts. You still need to keep an eye out for what other brands are doing and whether your brand can comment on, help out with, or post about anything that is on the news. In recent years brands have become a lot more spontaneous and have started posting a lot of things as soon as the trend begins. Whether it is a way to find witty ways of asking people to stay safe during covid or posts about the recent IPL matches, brands are getting involved in everything that is viral. And the involvement with viral content helps them achieve virality in return as many people are interested in seeing different takes on the trending content.

One of the few ways to get to know about trending things is checking what is trending on twitter and following pages that post about social media trends on instagram and facebook. Eventually, it is all based on how much you research, so it will get easier to spot trends with time.

Don’t forget the Basics of Digital Marketing Content

In the competition to reach virality, do not forget that your brand’s reputation is of the utmost priority. So ensure that you are always grammatically and politically correct. In the era of social media where everything gets distorted, you need to check that you do not make any statements that could hurt the sentiments of people of a specific community in any way. It is best to stay safe and not align with a political party in public. So here are a few content tips to improve your digital marketing. If you want your brand to post exceptional content that always appeals to the viewers and market it to enhance its reach, contact us at Revivify. We are leading digital marketing services in India and provide all the services that can help your company reach the top.