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Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Automating mass communications has been there for many years now, retrieving the customer’s relevant data require you to spend both time and resources and it is almost impossible to gather from all of them. This challenge is fairly done by Artificial Intelligence and a journey from a startup to making a mark as a brand has not been a nightmare for the enthusiastic noobs.

For marketers, AI is offering a great opportunity to engage their potential customers across digital platforms. The key is to organize the right marketing plan for the right people and reshape it in a more personalized way rather than formatting it in the shape of broader content.

Keep in mind that creativity plays a vital role when you are delivering a personalized message, also keep track of customer’s experience against your targeted content.

The Impact of AI

The utilization of AI-based systems in the marketing campaigns has been increased from recent years as these systems can interact with humans and by taking commands, they can perform complex tasks. Also, many advanced AI systems are able to learn from experiences and can transform their abilities with the present conditions.

E-commerce based online stores also make use of machine learning algorithms by entertaining their customers in the form of recommended products. The algorithms record the purchase history of a buyer that has made multiple purchases on their platform, then on the basis of his/her purchase history, the new customer is showcased with recommended products that he may likely to buy with. Let’s take an example of this Magento extensions-based store Magento 2 development agency. They offer a variety of extensions that allows customizing user experience.

The two of their Magneto based extensions “Frequently bought together extension” and “Magento related products extension” allows easy integration into your eCommerce store to entertain your customers with a more versatile and personalized approach. These extensions are facilitating the merchants by automatically showing the most desired products along with the product on the product page.

Market Prediction

For getting insights for market trends, utilizing AI resources is being a common practice among marketers to launch their marketing campaigns for maximum exposure and higher conversions. These systems are employed to gather user’s information like his/her buying habits likes and dislikes and interests etc. On the basis of this kind of information, the user is acquainted with similar kinds of promotions to induce him/her to make a purchase.

The information related to the individual interests is gathered through social media platforms and through individual searches on the web that are analyzed by machine learning systems.

Instead of investing in a large number of uncertain audience, AI made it possible to target a limited number of high potential customers.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology has improvised in recent years and we have come across many well-built AI-based voice recognition systems that are serving as automated online order takers, weather forecasters, personal reminders, receiving traffic news, playing much, and much more. The most common examples of these systems are Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa. These systems are able to conduct voice-based marketing campaigns to drive the attention of consumers to make the purchase.

Now marketers are surely inclining towards AI-based approaches to supercharge their marketing plans and if there are some marketers who haven’t considered taking advantage of the technology they may create a vacant space for other competitors to consummate and take advantage through automated marketing.

Machine Learning and AI

AI-based machines are somehow capable of performing tasks that humans were supposed to do and the machines with learning, talking and problem-solving traits are now have gotten into existence in the form of virtual digital assistants.

into the hands of marketers. By fast learning and processing complicated data patterns, the AI-powered systems can record hidden and crucial information without having direct human interaction. These systems can create solutions by learning patterns in data from a huge quantity of users, producing highly reliable results.

Content Creation

Now it is convenient for marketers to create high notch content for their campaigns without hiring a professional. AI-driven algorithms are developed to produce personalized content for each user. The automated systems capture your online activities; grab the data related to your online interests, likes, and dislikes, and on the basis of these accumulations, you will watch a personalized content of your interest through these flexible machine learning systems. Many well-reputed organizations like Washington Post are making use of AI systems for creating news reports, making their work execution more rapid and rich in quality.

Content creation tools like Articoolo and AI Writer are some worthy mentions that have adopted the machine learning approach for their exertion.

Well known AI applications

Marketo’s Content AI

It’s an ideal tool for marketers to evaluate their catchy and grabbing content to target the right audience. It smoothly crawls the website and curbs the exact piece of content that has the potential to execute the job.

This AI-powered system carries out the personalized and relevant content in front of each person by using its predictive algorithms.

The tool also suggests to you which content is doing well and which one is not up to the mark and is not having enough potential to engage the audience. The system has proved to be effective in driving more traffic and making conversions.

IBM Watson

This machine-learning software is designed to provide answers to complex topics and queries. With its machine learning ability, the system has the potential to inspect millions of documents and can approach natural language smartly.

Cognitive marketing is the key aspect of this tool as it can evaluate which content is important and showcases the tailored content for an individual customer’s perspective.

When it comes to smart and intellectual advertising Watson has taken it into one step further as in one of the recipe ad campaigns that was backed by Watson, customers were able to suggest ingredients of their choice and the multiple recipe options were there to choose from.


Chatbots are being utilized for valuable user experience. These machine learning-based systems are able to respond on the basis of the customer’s request. Small to large scale businesses are making use of these systems to answer the questions asked by customers and it is easy to integrate them into the company’s website.

The chatbots can also be fed with marketing pitches to direct customers to the areas where there are chances of higher conversions.

These virtual assistants if used properly can definitely have a positive influence on your sales; however, these tools shouldn’t have to be taken as traffic generators as these tools perform their execution on the basis of inbound traffic to your site.

Final Verdict

The AI-based systems are surely aiding businesses and marketers in a variety of ways. From solving complex problems to offering a personalized experience, AI is making its mark in every field.

AI tools are useful to predict the behaviors and interests of the buyer, hence making it easy to optimize the marketing campaigns accordingly. By filtering the related information from huge data, AI can help to target trending niches and increase the probability of making conversions through a small business SEO company.

AI can also go to main layers and run check on the payment gateway solutions. For detail information you can read Helcim-review to get an idea of payment solutions.

The development of machine learning systems is becoming more innovative and it is presumed that more advancement in AI technologies will bring more opportunities for organizations to grow their business in the future.