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Last Updated on April 26, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

More than 34% of the people worldwide use email. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email users in the next 2 years. Yes, email marketing is becoming one of the most important sources for business and it is a one part in digital marketing.

email marketing

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business?

Why is email marketing important? This question hounds around with multiple answers but what signifies itself to be the best?

Email marketing known as the greatest source for direct marketing is basically meant as targeting of consumers through electronic mail. Email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways. In general, email marketing is a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing. In a typical email marketing scenario, an organization builds an email list to reach or inform.

In a typical scenario, emails prove themselves as the greatest way to reach customers, clients and get the business done. It has evolved through years from merely a form of connection to a professional and ethnic way to connect people. Organizations or even an individual builds up the affiliation to established and prospect customers.

They say email marketing enriches the business and communications, targets specific key markets, and is environmentally friendly and cost effective too.

But what exactly is the meaning of emails to expand the businesses? What are the attributes needed for a person to ensure the perfect running of marketers and businessman through emails?

How does it start?

Email marketing basically happens when a company needs to connect to any other organizations or individuals or vice versa. Most commonly through advertisements, requests for business, or sales or any email communication is considered email marketing if it helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition.

Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business. With email marketing, one can target markets and shares easily and expand business in large antiquities. Email marketing has become an essential tool for business ever since the introduction of the Internet to the world. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential, a current customer could be considered email marketing. Getting business done through emails is basically what called as email marketing. However, this term usually refers:

  • Sending emails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of an individual with its current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Sending emails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately.

Email marketing revolves around various aspects. Not only for business or sales but to have a proper perspective on the share and strategies getting planned around. Email marketing is advantageous in its own vivid way. The two big advantages of email marketing are price and ease.

Emailing is an inexpensive way to advertise your company and its products and/or services compared to many other types of marketing. It’s also extremely easy to set up and track an email marketing campaign, making it a very accessible type of marketing for small businesses.

It is one segment of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing. It’s much like building up and the expanding the industry of selling and buying through the virtual mode of communication.

Email marketing has sworn up and taken important initiatives to work vividly and strongly towards the one single goal of increasing revenue. Being in the sales and management field the biggest motto of email marketing would be to reach each person non-virtually and sell their products. Since this is a very important process, you surely want to make a good first impact. Here are the steps to be a successful email marketer.


Before starting any campaign make sure that you sit back and think about all the aspects, outcome and reasonable process to follow while sending this emails. You have to idea what you want to acheive. For example if you want to sell hand sanitizer, you need understand first Hand sanitizer market size. Without market reasearch you cannot do a blind campaign. You need to make sure that every email being sent by your device to the other one should have a meaning and a content that convinces the person reading not quickly but gradually. Never ever boast about your company and never fake, if you want to make sell you must be honest in this field.

Prior to starting anything you must be confident about the content within the written email.

  • Make it short: make sure that if you’re sending an email the content should be short and crisp. Remember that not everyone opens each email and not all of them read completely. So, if you want to make the sells make sure the written matter is short, to the point and convincing. Too much inscription would only make the email dull.
  • Make the first paragraph innovative: When a person is reading your email, they judge it by the first few lines and it doesn’t take seconds to decide whether read this email or not. So, make sure that your first line is bewitching and tempting. Don’t add excess content to the same, one or two sentences would be perfect.
  • Add Attractive things: if you read your emails regularly you know that for also various magazines, online shopping websites send the emails with a huge banner of pictures and information written on it. It does not only make the look of the email elegant but also provides an interest in the reader’s mind to click on the sales and check it.
  • Let them know: You need to keep it clear about the content you’re providing. They should know completely what ideas and marks are imparted through this email. Let them know about their benefits and strategies they can make to expand their business and yours too.

Email marketing is an effective way to not only reach the target but also to stay connected with selling and purchasing basis. Through email marketing, you can carry on communication on daily basis with current and new clients too. You can easily monitor how effective a marketing campaign is and keep an eye on your investments and sells. Let the internet help and guide your customers to you again and again with effective marketing strategies and campaigns.


Campaigns have various aspects to address the individual or customer. Every campaign website provides you with a variety of ways to list down all the recipients. But before that, you need to be sure about the person to whom this email would be sent. Make a divergent list of each category. Since you’re doing a business you must be crisp clear with the idea that the person you want to do sales with should be very much interested and indulged in the product you provide. Make sure you are well known with the facts and data of the client instead of sending bulk messages to random people. Do you want to get your business done, right?

  • Start Capturing the email address: There might be chances that you find marvelous people around social media but you can find their email address. Bring out their emails by finding their connectivity of different accounts from one. Make sure that the emails you find are efficient and impressive enough, they should be interested in buying your product.
  • Keep present customers close: You don’t want to lose your present customers in the search of new one, right? Make sure that you keep your recent clients close, they are the one doing great business with you and the newbies are still at a risk, make your choices right. You can make a separate email list of both and the scene will be very much sorted. Attach a different CSV file to your campaign in this way the data of the old and new customers won’t be mixed or a lot.
  • Build a simple list: Regardless of how many opportunity or coordinates you see in a person it’s not sure that the same individual will take an active part in your business. It’s unlikely they’ll act without a valuable incentive. And no matter how good your incentive is, you still need to make it simple for people to subscribe if you want to get them to join your list.


Each client you will come across has different needs and necessities, you must convince each divergent person. Words can make magic happen, so you need to be sure that every email sent by you has magic imparted within it that would convince the person sitting in front of their desktop, reading the email, surely buy your products. Depending on the product you might have categorized, different people into different sections, make sure they get efficient out of it.

  • To get your business to the top would want to send emails as many people as you can. With that said it’s not possible for an individual to make an empire, you need teamwork and people around you. There is no one who can make miracles with the words take place rather than a writer. Hire a writer.
  • Make sure that the writer who is writing the emails on your behalf is well versed with the business strategies and plans. He/she should know exactly what it is needed to sell your products. They should be well versed with the amount and quality of content needed.
  • Keep it short. No client of yours have time for reading huge emails, so make sure whatever you write is short and on the point. No bulk writing is required. Also, if you really want to make a great impression, you should be well versed about the person you’re writing an email too. Few lines about them could enhance the emails and make wonders.
  • The first impression is the last impression, a person who is reading your email decides in the first few lines whether to continue or not. Keep the first line crisp and clear. The salutation and remarking should be done properly. After making sure you ask them about themselves with the sentences as, “I hope you’re doing well” or “I hope your day is going great”, these little things do matter a lot and you won’t even know how much difference they can make.
  • Keep your convincing words right. Vocabulary plays a very important role in making a good impression. Instead of using a casual approach towards your client, make use of professional one. You’re addressing an individual whom you need to sell your product, you must make it correct.


A person should be well w\versed with what works and what not works, that’s the sole key to success and to make improvement in your campaigns. Insight or keep a watch on the emails, there are many websites which provide you access to know how many people got the email and how many of them really opened it.

One key factor to increase the rate of opening your emails is the subject line. That’s the first thing a person sees and decided whether to open this email or not. Keep the line encouraging and interesting. Whether it is having personalization in the subject line, or text that makes it impossible for them not to open, having an eye catching subject line helps to create higher open rates.

Another trick to increase your email marketing business it to track the click rate, how many people opened the link mentioned inside your email. If you are really doing email marketing right, you should split test different calls to actions within your email copy. Knowing if one phrasing works better than others in generating click through, can provide exponential results to your campaign.

Having an access to these and another metrics helps to enhance and improve your business on a timely basis.


Take a note about what you need to send your email for. Business has different forms and it changes on daily basis. You must be firm about what you’re sending them the email. It can be subsided into different sections as:

  • Product selling

In this type of category, you’re ought to sell a product based on categories like beauty, health, food etc. Stick to one category and make your campaign work. This kind of selling and buying works in two ways, either written or pictured. When you want to sell something it’s very necessary that the person know the description and photo of the product. No one wants to rely only on words, they believe what they see so make sure that they watch the best of your products. Also, offers, coupons, and discounts have their own way to make wonders. Make the most efficient use of the sources you’re getting.

  • News and Magazines

If you ever received any email from this category you might know that they never write, they show. Each email you would find on selling of a magazine or newsletter it’s filled with attractive and elegant images collaged side by side. The most important and interesting new they know would surely catch your attention is written in the middle or at the top. Make use of huge visible images than small. Though your magazine does not contain as much amazing content as it should but makes sure that you always show the best of it in an email, such that they would be impressed by the first look.

  • Marketing

Likely, these categories do have many sub categories. When you are making an approach to a person in their field it must be strictly professional. Keep a well-researched data of the client ready, write accordingly. The campaign should showcase either the latest stock or encourage the people to work along with you or to make a business.

  • Announcement

Emails are one of the biggest platforms to make an announcement to each one. An announcement shouldn’t rely on words, pictures do wonders. Make a huge banner or poster with attractive pictures and logo is sent. The banner should not be much or less informative, keep it to the point.

Email marketing is not something marketers do just because it’s easy. Every businessman or entrepreneur use this tactic because it’s an effective way to get connected in a personalized way to the huge crowd. Often customers get to know about a business and they seek out for buying things through localized or global email marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to get known or let people know about your campaigns.

Nielsen reported that 28 % of US online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails to stay informed. A study from Loyalty 360 stated that 59 percent of US moms would sign up for email updates from brands if rewards were offered. And email marketing can be used to deliver content to consumers. A 2013 study by the Relevancy Group noted that marketers who add video to their email campaigns see an average rise in revenue of 40 percent. There is a real value to staying connected to customers and email marketing makes that easy to do.

Another effective way, as discussed earlier are the coupons and discounts. These are one of the easiest media to attract a huge amount of crowd towards yourself. A person needs to know why they should choose your service over everyone else and discounts are one of the easiest ways to soothe them. A shop.org reported that 64% of people use coupons obtained from an email. E-coupons are the biggest source of business and to carry it smoothly email marketing is the key. The number of mobile coupons used is estimated to double over the next five years to reach 1 billion people. BIA/Kelsey reports that 36.6 percent of national businesses use email marketing for local promotions.

Emails can be personalized to include the name of the user and even more. A small study of 139 marketers from Retention Science found that websites use several kinds of personalization tactics that can easily be applied to email

Why is Email marketing the best option than other mediums?

Social media has its roots tightly gripped under everyone’s mind. One of these sources includes email. Email is one of the uncomplicated and easiest ways to get in touch with the huge mob. The most important reason is that it is inexpensive, in today’s world inexpensive things are preserved the most. The point of choosing email over all the tactic is it remains a vital one. It’s relatively easy to get started with email marketing and an un-problematic thing to learn as well.

For a small business owner, this is a significant way to handle communication with the old and new clients in an effective way. It is the most useful social media for customer acquaintance.

Email marketing is a very personal way of reaching your target customers.it remains very much confidential between you and your client, that’s why email marketing works in a very personalized way.

Email can be modified and tailored into something beautiful. Not only can the words make magic happen but also pictured emails are making their way to the top. It makes every communication relevant and significant. With right knowledge of email marketing, a person can surely do wonder. You can cover topics like changes in your company, victories, and request feedback to your customer – this list is virtually endless. With 2.5 billion users, email isn’t going anywhere.

In email marketing, what you’re really doing is segmenting your audience into lists, and sending each list a tailored email message that resonates with your reader and can provide them with something of value.

Email does not always have spam, so don’t worry every email you send reaches to your target customers. It is an important medium to build relationships and get access to speak with every client directly in an effective manner. Be personable and friendly at the same time along with professionalism too. You are not invading their space if you have chosen your message and your recipient wisely.

There are many websites which provide you great access to campaigns you launch one of them is email shake. I have used it myself and it resulted into amazing on. There is an option of the campaign right on the home screen, once clicked on that select the CSV file, which is an excel sheet of data of your target customers. Next, select the domain and automatically the emails in data excel sheet would get aligned in email shake.

Next there you would get an option of selection of a template, this template would get inbuilt in each email. With that, there are choices referring that after every email, and another email must be sent if your client don reply you can by selecting the second email. With that done further you have a choice to edit each email and if not you can directly send the emails and it will be delivered to your clients. The best thing is that there is no limit of emails you send per day.

With growing industry and competition, it has become a necessity to be on the top. If you’re doing your business right, there are many entrepreneurs aligned to take it over from you. It is important to do what you’re doing in an efficient and right way.

To sum up this whole article, email marketing is a significant and vital way to increase the sales and revenue of your business. Being one of the best ways to reach the targeted customers in a personalized manner email marketing proves itself to be the best medium. It is a great way to make a small business big.

A study last year from Exact Target reports that 91% of people use their smartphones to access their email. This compared to 75% of the people who use their smartphones for social networking. Not using email as part of your internet marketing strategy means you are missing out on a channel that most the world uses!

It is important because it is highly adaptable. You can make the emails that you send to promote your business so that they suit any need that you might have. You can target many different social groups and adapt the content accordingly. Since the business world is constantly changing, you must be able to respond quickly to any changes that the marketing experts present.

Start with a few simple steps and find out why email marketing is important for your small business internet marketing strategy. Get out your list of people who want to hear from you, use an email service that works, write a crafty email message that is friendly and helpful, and hit SEND!

Make sure what you do, do it in a dynamic way, make your voice listened because there are many waiting out for the products and sales you’re providing all you need to do is make a right choice. So, what are you waiting for, do things right and build an empire!