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Last Updated on January 13, 2020 by Learn Digital Marketing

Over the last few decades, a lot has changed in the domain of software testing. While modern technology has brought forward newer and better tools to perform different activities faster, with more precision and better results, the attitude of people using such tools too has changed. In the future, these five key things will shape how we perform software testing.

  1. AI: Artificial intelligence is the most talked about technology today – from smart assistants to finance, healthcare, agriculture, military, and even software testing. However, the market still has just a handful of tools based on machine learning to perform end-to-end testing, functional testing, and regression testing. With AI, the future may bring up more stable tests, easier and faster authoring and execution of tests, and reduced time on maintenance for the tester.
  2. DevOps: Improved collaboration coupled with more automation will make the teamwork as a single unit and decrease the SDLC (software development lifecycle), thus helping in faster market release of products.
  3. QAaaS: Software testing company these days use QA Company (Quality Assurance) as a software qa services to meet their software testing requirements. QAaaS providers are likely to implement steps to improve their offerings to beat the competition, which will have benefits for software testers as well.
  4. IoT: This is yet another modern technology that will emphasize the need for integration testing to ensure the software/app works well with a wide range of modern devices.
  5. Robots who do testing: Monitored by human minds, robots may be involved in various testing functions, though how far they’ll succeed remain to be seen in the future.

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