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Last Updated on October 17, 2019 by Learn Digital Marketing

Often this is the most prominent question that most website owners ask and that is “Why is my website not getting traffic?” There can be many reasons for the same happening as the DA, reputation of website owner; content freshness and type of links play a prominent role in attracting people to your domain. Mentioned below are 5 reasons why your website is not getting traffic and need immediate attention.

website is not getting traffic

1. Quality of content

These days Google has become very finicky about the quality of content that is being published online. Its algorithms identify what according to them is copied or stale content and then no way you can hope to get traffic. Apart from ensuring well written and informative blogs, you can also hire link building services to get some good quality links for you on high DA websites. Seooutreachers.com gives you the benefit of creating high –quality links on websites that actually have the traffic coming. Their link building services are such that your website ranks on SEO and thus garners all the attention it deserves.

2. Targeting high competition keywords

This is a very common mistake most people make. When there are many people writing about the same keyword only that content gets on top of the list which is actually a class apart. That means if you have a fairly new website and most people have already written a lot on that topic then you might have to work on your keyword skills. Tweak the ideal keyword and use long-tail keywords to make your content different from what the rest of the people are offering.

3. Slow to load

If your website is taking more than 5 seconds to load properly you can be assured that the users would move on to your competitors. People like a fast loading website as they do not have the time and patience to wait. You may be getting traffic from social media and other places but if the website is slow you would quickly lose these people. Moreover, if you increase the speed of loading and your website till now figures on the second or third page, you can hope to get it featured in the first page results.

4. You are creating but not promoting

You may be creating content on your website but are you promoting it and grabbing eyeballs. Basically, you are writing blogs every week but people are not informed about that so obviously, you are losing out on traffic. You need to make sure that maximum people get to know what you are offering and that can happen only by promotion. There is more than one way to do promotion however influencer marketing or social media promotions are the most widely used.

5. Not using social media

Social media is the talk of the town and if you are not using it to your advantage you are definitely missing out. Become an active contributor in your social media community and share blogs, ideas, videos and podcasts to get people to know you. You can initially start with just Facebook and twitter and later move on to other platforms. Once you receive recognition here you can direct the traffic to your website as well. Most importantly being on social media is a cost-effective method to gain worthwhile traffic for your website.


Getting traffic on your website may not be a herculean task to achieve. The above points are places where you may be lacking and if you can modify the strategies used then you can hope to achieve people to have a look at your offering too. In case of any confusion, you can always take the help and guidance of SEOOutreachers as they have an idea of what would work best.