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Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by Learn Digital Marketing

Software testing has existed for decades. Although many software processes have changed over the years, testing has not fully adapted to changing times and changing needs. 

The company still insists on using traditional software test management tools that maintain efficiency, which is a nightmare for teams focused on agile and DevOps. Your goal is to deliver faster and higher-quality software, and you need a test management tool that will not be outdated. 

You need next-generation test management tools to simplify software testing across the enterprise. A single view of all test projects Modern test management tools links the visibility of companies, lines of business, departments, and teams across delivery channels, so you can view all test activities in one place.

State or make a changes-a clumsy function to store test data, out of sync with speed-focused agile and DevOps teams. 

Next-generation test management tools make life easier for test teams, just one start-up session can provide all stakeholders with one single view of test coverage in the entire test life cycle.

Real-time actionable insights Modern test case management tools provide unprecedented insights on software quality and delivery channels through comprehensive metrics, reports, and rankings. Unlike traditional tools, you can stay up-to-date by viewing reports anytime, anywhere. 

QACoverage provides comprehensive test management tools that can automatically capture all the details and results of each test in the entire enterprise, and then group them into reports and dashboards that can be viewed by testers, stakeholders, and decision-makers. 

Support for multi-speed ITLegacy tools only supports stable and sequential waterfall methods. Try to use old tools for multiple rhythms, and your efforts will fail. With modern test management tools, teams that focus on the waterfall, continuous delivery, agile, DevOps, and lean can rejoice.

Modern tools match the flow of the development method you choose, whether you use one or more at the same time. Not much time to market.